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The Chaos League designs

sublime experiences.

Chaos League

We are an immersive experience studio: we create extraordinary worlds to explore. We design stories and spaces that excite, move thought, open new perspectives.


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Stories that you experience firsthand, unforgettable emotions.

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Stories to live with friends around the table or online. Immersive, original, easy.

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Immersive training for children, teens and adults. Because experience is the best teacher.

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Events for the general public that amaze and open perspectives.

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We help organizations, communities and people to imagine and build a better world.

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31 May – 2 June 2024

The Secrets We Keep [eng] run #12

27-29 September 2024

The Secrets We Keep [eng] run #13

25-27 October 2024

The Secrets We Keep [eng] run #14

16-20 Octobter 2024

Sahara Expedition [eng] run #7

23-27 Octobter 2024

Sahara Expedition [eng] run #8

25-28 April 2025

Eclipse [ita] run #1

2-5 May 2025

Eclipse [eng] run #2

6-8 June 2025

Miskatonic – North America [eng] run #1

13-15 June 2025

Miskatonic – North America [eng] run #2

5-8 September 2025

Eclipse [eng] run #3

12-15 September 2025

Eclipse [ita] run #4

19-22 September 2025

Eclipse [eng] run #5

17-20 October 2025

Eclipse [eng] run #6

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