Love is the only thing we can perceive that transcends the dimensions of time and space.

Capt. Alisha Chandra


a Sci-fi Drama

Eclipse – A New Home is a great larp production inspired by the classics of the Sci-Fi Drama genre. It is a unique event that takes place in a simply incredible location: an immersive set for major sci-fi film productions. A planetary space base reconstructed to the smallest detail. It is a story about humanity and its limits, about differences among people, about hope, love and fears.

You will play the role of a member of the Eclipse 7 mission, a scout or an exobiologist, a diplomat or a communicator, a scientist or a soldier engaged in a quest on which the fate of humanity will depend. It is the story of a group of explorers who will have a singular encounter that will change them forever and confront them with their fears, hopes and contradictions.

A fully immersive experience in which each character can make a difference. For those who really want to dream big.

All pictures are of the real game location (some have small edits).


  • Interstellar (2014, Christopher Nolan)
  • The Arrival (2016, Denis Villeneuve)
What is a larp



LOG #337-A82

Log of Captain Alisha Chandra

Gliese 628 A - Constellation Ophiūchus

Eclipse 7 Planetary Station

Sol 46 /// 6 July 2059

This planet seems perfect for human life. Lush, fertile, welcoming and radiation can be easily kept under control with standard suits. All the data we have collected on habitability confirms that it is an excellent candidate to host human life. Yet I can’t shake this strange feeling, as if someone or something is watching us…

Maybe it’s just homesickness. Juno is growing up, soon to be out of school. Time is relentless here. News from Earth seems so distant… There has been a new Eclipse, worse than all the previous ones. Many people died, but the family is fine. I was scared.

I must not let go. Soon we will begin the last phase of the mission and if everything goes well, then Juno will have a new home. I’ll be able to embrace her again. It’s for her that I’m doing this. It’s always been for her.



A one-of-a-kind location, simply perfect and iconic. Thirteen gigantic domes connected by glass and plexiglass passages. A venue built as an immersive set for major sci-fi film productions. Set up down to the last detail like a real space station with a total area of 18,000 square metres.

Fingerprint-activated pneumatic doors, terminals, hundreds of realistic working scenographies. Everything is taken care of in every aspect to offer all the fascination that a planetary space station should have. The location is immersed in a majestic forest that will be part of the playing area.

What’s more, the location is very easy to reach. It is located very close to Krakow, Poland and can be reached in a short time from the airport (there will also be our transfer available!).

LOG #645-B52

…night has fallen, covering the sky with stars. The alien planet seems to be sleeping. You are checking your suit before heading out with your team for an exploration outside.

Everyone in the station is hard at work; scientists are studying the latest data from the probes, exolinguists are working feverishly on a signal picked up a few hours ago, while Control prepares communications and sets the next objectives.

Suddenly the pneumatic sound of the hatch brings you back to reality. The forest stretches for kilometres in front of you. A shiver runs down your spine. It must be weariness, you tell yourself. You turn to the horizon and start walking…




Starting in 2025, as a consequence of the impact of human activities on planet Earth, adverse climatic events of frightening dimensions began to occur. We called them Eclipses. During these events, a cloud of dark dust would rise up to cover entire continents, darkening them for weeks under a blanket in which life became extremely difficult.

Scientists realised that these cataclysms marked a point of no return for our ecosystem. According to their predictions, within a few decades, Earth would no longer be inhabitable. Suddenly, the evidence of the end hit us with the force of a sledgehammer. Humankind was on the brink of extinction.

But it is in the darkest moments that the light shines the brightest. Nations collaborated to found the Eclipse Space Programme to locate new habitable worlds, with the aim of migrating Earth’s population before it was too late. Thanks to their joint efforts, space travel technology took a giant leap forward. We learned to control the Einstein-Rosen bridges and use them as “portals” to unreachable parts of the galaxy. But without knowing where to search, even these portals were useless.

In 2055, thousands of probes were sent into the galaxy. After months of agonising silence, they identified seven potentially habitable planets. Now, hopes were pinned on the last phase of the Eclipse Space Programme: the missions to the alien planets.

It is the year 2059. Technology and society are the same as in 2024. We use the same phones and computers and inhabit the same nations. But it is the day when the Eclipse missions leave Earth, each heading to one of the seven planets in the hope of finding a new Earth. It is the day when humanity holds its breath and turns its eyes to the stars.





…in 2059 the members of the Eclipse 7 mission establish a base on an alien planet at the edge of the galaxy to see if it is suitable to host our civilisation. But they are not alone…

…a true adventure in a space station where humanity plays its last chance.

…cinema-level set design with realistic, working props, an incredible location: a “real” space station.

…your job, your ambitions, your secrets, your life, in the space station Eclipse 7.

LOG #48-T99

Log by Jason Durand

Exolinguist - Gamma Unit #1

Eclipse 7 Planetary Station

Sol 109 /// 7 September 2059

The signals are real. There is clearly a life form on this planet that is trying to communicate with us. Even if we cannot understand it as yet. Any pathway at the moment is precluded, I feel like being blocked outside of a house with no doors.

We are limited. We are so used to thinking with our own mental schemes that it is almost impossible for us to understand radically different languages. What if we have always misunderstood life and intelligence? What if we need a new paradigm?

LOG #191-F32

Capo Jane McMurdock

Comando Programma Spaziale Eclipse

26 Febbraio 2059

Amiche e amici delle Accademie Eclipse di tutto il mondo, ci sono dei momenti nella storia dell’umanità in cui si delinea chiaramente un bivio dopo il quale niente sarà più lo stesso. È qui che ci troviamo in questo momento. Con un piede sulle nostre astronavi e un altro ancora sul pianeta su cui siamo nati: la Terra.

Questo piccolo punto blu che non abbiamo saputo salvare da noi stessi. Che ameremo sempre, ma che dobbiamo abbandonare. Ogni speranza adesso è rivolta a voi cadetti. Siete come gli argonauti, persone coraggiose pronte a sacrificare ogni cosa per il bene della nostra civiltà. Nessuno sa cosa vi aspetta, perché vi state spingendo dove nessuno è mai stato. Oltre i limiti che i nostri padri sognavano.

Siamo nelle vostre mani. Le vostre famiglie, i vostri amici, tutti, dai presidenti delle nazioni fino alla persona più sola e derelitta in un sobborgo dimenticato, ora stanno pensando a voi. Si affidano a voi. Per aspera ad astra!

Non andartene docile in quella buona notte,
I vecchi dovrebbero bruciare e delirare al serrarsi del giorno;
Infuria, infuria, contro il morire della luce.




Eclipse is a larp that uses narrative techniques designed to create a unique experience that will allow you to explore the feelings of each character and give their inner worlds a chance to be told, together with their past and the lives of the people they left on Earth. Eclipse is a sci-fi drama in which the emotions of the characters are central. What will happen to the loved ones left on Earth? How far can we venture to survive? Who is really the human being?

narrative design

The tree-like narrative structure we’ve designed for this event leaves it up to the explorers’ decisions to change the entire course of events. Each Eclipse mission will have its own unique story and the lives of people on Earth and in the Space Station will change. The gaming experience will also be different depending on the paths you take. 


We wish to tell the story of humanity fleeing from a planet earth destroyed by uncontrolled exploitation of resources.
What are we willing to sacrifice for the people we love? How do we relate to our ecosystem and what inhabits it?

Eclipse – A New Home is also a way of reflecting on our reality, our relationships with the important people in our lives, our ecosystem, what is different from us and how we can act for the better.






RUN #1 [ITA]-> 25-28 Aprile 2025 sold out
RUN #2 [ENG]-> 2-5 May 2025 sold out
RUN #3 [ENG]-> 5-8 September  2025 sold out
RUN #4 [ITA]-> 12-15 Settembre 2025
RUN #5 [ENG]-> 19-22 September 2025 sold out
RUN #6 [ENG]-> 17-20 October 2025 sold out


Alvernia Planet, Near Krakow, Poland




From € 655
Payment in instalments is available.

  • 1st instalment 90€
  • 2nd instalment -> by the end of September 2024
  • 3rd instalment -> by the end of December 2024

What's included

  • Participation in the event
  • All meals


  • Accommodation (hotel *** + shuttle service available 165€).


The game stops around midnight and resumes the next morning. To give you more flexibility, you can choose your stay overnight:

  • Bundle: three nights for one person in double room in a *** hotel + all transport (bookable at any moment from our shop – 165€ total).
  • Self-reliance: hotel of your choice in Krakow or around the location.
  • Subsized: allows you to sleep very spartanly at the Location (limited places).


Eclipse is a unique opportunity to experience an incredible story in a simply perfect location. An adventure to share with special people and an experience you will remember for a lifetime!

is it for me?

If you like adventure, drama and exciting stories, absolutely yes! To participate in this larp you don’t need any special knowledge or expertise.

super easy

There are plenty of cheap ways to reach Krakow. If you need a tip or help organising your trip, just give us a shout. We’ll help you out 😉

cruelty free

We are happy to collaborate with the anti-speciesist refuge Ippoasi. They will cook exceptional, delicious and vegan dishes. Another small step towards making larp more sustainable and ethical. Your donation helps to finance their shelter and care for the animals that live there in the wild.


We try to do our part in taking care of the planet. That is why the larp will donate to projects that advocate for our ecosystem. We are currently discussing with experienced friends which projects to participate in. We strongly believe everyone must do their part.

Poland is a possible destination for slow travel. If you want to get to Krakow by car, bus or train and need a hand, just contact us.


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The adventure is waiting for you!

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The adventure is waiting for you!


These guys know their stuff! Can absolutely recommend Chaos League. Pre-game and in-game support is top-level. The game (at least Sahara Expedition) is an experience you would not believe possible. Looking forward to playing more with them in the future.

Guy-Roger Duvert
Facebook verified review

An awesome team of talented, passionate and nice people. I definately had my best LARP experience at Miskatonic University. It’s immersive, well written, full of emotions and the safety is on point. I would 100% recommand and trust them again for other LARP adventures!

Louise Ougier
Facebook verified review

Chaos League’s games are finely crafted down to the smallest detail – you’re all but guaranteed an amazing experience.

János Márkus
Facebook verified review

I had a lovely experience with Chaos League during the Sahara Expedition Larp. I was fully immersed from start to finish and felt as if I was living a grand adventure. The attention to detail in the story was phenomenal and you could tell that the experience was crafted with love. Highly experience Chaos League after this Larp

Tiana Hahn
Facebook verified review

Incredible dedication and creative energies, heavy subjects treated with sensitivity and attention to players. If you want to have your mind blown, your heart torn in two and have great fun in the process, go play their larps!

Ürmössy Zsuzsanna
Facebook verified review

I higlhly reccomend Chaos League as a larp creators – there is a safe space, there is a support from the staff from start to the end. At no point I did not feel lost or left alone. Thank you for that great experience – I want more 😃

Adam Kreczmański
Facebook verified review

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Eclipse narrates life on the planetary station Eclipse 7. A crucial mission for humanity in search of a new Earth to inhabit.

It is the story of a group of people who will have a singular encounter that will change them forever and confront them with their fears, hopes and contradictions. It is a story about humanity, courage and the mystery of existence; the story of an epic quest, inside and outside ourselves.

We believe in the creative and expressive potential of people. That is why we have designed this game with great care, chiselling it to offer you an experience that will move you, making you the author of an original and shared narrative, powerful and special.

You will live the life of a real space station: scientists, politicians, military, artists, explorers, adventurers and many others. Exploratory missions, mysterious discoveries, unexpected adversities, dangers to face will shape your day during the mission to the alien planet. Friendships destined to last a lifetime, bitter rivalries, loves and profound revelations await you in Eclipse Station 7.

state of the art larp

We have been organising large events for over 20 years. We have a real fixation on the quality of our larp events, we take care of your experience from the registration to the party at the end of the event.

No matter if it’s your first experience or you’ve already participated in other larp events, you’ll love our community of special people and its inclusive and welcoming atmosphere.

We are real people with a big passion. Want to ask us a question? We’re here.




From 8 May 2024
Pre-registration opens.


From 15 May 2024
If you have pre-registered, you will receive the link to register (it is enough to pay the first instalment).


Read the guide
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Choose your character


The adventure begins


  • Day #1
    • 9:00  – Central Station Krakow for the transfer to the location.
    • 10:00 – Check in at the larp Location 
    • 11:00 – Workshops 
    • 13:00 – Launch 
    • 14:00 – Workshops 
    • 17:00 – Larp Start Chapter #1
    • 24:00 – Larp End Chapter #1
  • Day #2
    • 9:30 – Larp Start Chapter #2
    • 24:00 – Larp End Chapter #2
  • Day #3
    • 9:30 – Larp Start Chapter #3
    • 23:00 – End of Larp
    • 23:30 – After Party
  • Day #4
    • Debriefing
    • 11:30 – Transfer by bus to Krakow Central Station (arrival at Central Station 12:30 ca.).

The programme may be subject to change.



You will experience life on a “real” planetary space station. Exploratory missions, difficult choices, unexpected adversity and dangers to face will shape your day on the Eclipse station.


You will explore the restlessness, the mystery of deep space that confronts us with who we truly are.


You will explore the emotional aspects of the characters, their relationships, their fears and ambitions.


Through missions, analysis, exploration, communication and more you will delve into the mysteries of the alien planet and the entity that inhabits it.


Physical confrontation and combat.

Competitive larp in which you can win or lose.

Monsters to fight. This event is inspired by films such as Interstellar or The Arrival.


Our events are safe and inclusive. We believe in a community that embraces diversity and rejects any form of discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, faith, sexual orientation, physical ability and any other aspect of people’s identity. There is no room for verbally or physically abusive behaviour at our events and anyone behaving inappropriately will be removed.

During the event a Safety Team of experienced, reliable and empathetic people will always be available to offer support and to help you manage your emotional wellbeing and to support you with practical advice on how best to develop your gaming experience.

During the event you will always be able to stop and find a dedicated space in case of particularly intense scenes and emotions that you are struggling to manage.

There will be game mechanics to emotionally and physically protect our participants. In addition, part of the initial workshops will focus specifically on this issue.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to have skills to participate?

This event is perfect even for those who have never participated in a larp. You simply have to get yourself involved, we take care of the rest.

I am a bit lost, I have never attended...

Well, new things are always a bit scary, that's normal. That's why before we start an event we do workshops to allow you to settle in and feel comfortable.

Should I get a costume?

Yes, but it's super simple. In the event guide you will find tips and directions to get everything you need, it's easy and fun. We will also provide participants with costume packs. In addition, we have a very good costume designer ready to help you with advice and suggestions, just write to to contact her.

Is it suitable for everyone?

Yes, we developed this larp to be suitable for everyone. The game is, however, due to some topics involved, more suitable for people over the age of 16 (minors must be accompanied).

Is everything safe?

Safety comes first for us. Both physical and emotional. We are reliable and have more than 20 years of experience. You are in good hands with us.
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