The lands with lakes and rivers were created so that man may live in them. The desert so that he can find his soul.

Tuareg Proverb

Sahara Expedition


Sahara Expedition – In Search of the Unknown is a great larp production set in the most fascinating natural setting: the real Sahara Desert.

Set in 1934 and inspired by the Cthulhu Cycle, it tells the story of an expedition in search of the legendary city of Zerzura. A fully immersive event in which every participant can make a difference.

You will step into the shoes of an explorer or a parapsychologist, a legionnaire or a politician, a scientist or an adventurer taking part in the legendary Sutton – Gudrian expedition.

It is an event that redefines the canons of immersive narration, a way of dreaming big, an incredible, unique experience: the adventure of a lifetime.

Enter the world of Sahara Expedition!


From the personal diary of Prof. J. Jefferson:

Miskatonic University, Arkham, Massachusetts,
July the 6th, 1932

I must admit my failure. I have been trying for weeks to decipher this tablet, but without success. It must be cuneiform, but by heaven nothing I know about such writing seems to make sense when applied to the translation of this artefact.

And equally unsuccessful has been the help I have sought from fellow lecturers in Ancient Languages here at Miskatonic University, Prof. Price and Reed. And yes, they are among the country’s leading experts.

If I fail to grasp its meaning, this tablet will be destined for a dusty archive, yet the seal of Zerzura, the legendary white city hidden in the sands of the Sahara desert, affixed to it, suggests to me that this text could be the key to unimaginable mysteries, discoveries of historical significance.

I know, I feel it, that this is the beginning of something greater that will take me afar…


The setting of the game is inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Cycle. However, we reject his racist ideas and claim a modern approach to a fictional universe that is everyone’s heritage.

We will present a critical interpretation of the Cthulhu Mythos and 20th century society.

Madness will not be the stereotypical representation of existing mental disorders but will be connected to the cosmic horrors typical of the setting.

The larp is not a celebration of the colonial season and exoticism. On the contrary, it will be respectful and written with the maturity we put into each of our works.

The Location

The Sahara desert is one of the planet’s most fascinating places. An incredible scenery where men and women have found inspiration, fought and explored for centuries.

The Sahara, the largest desert in the world, stretches majestically over nine million square kilometres. Not a location, but a space without borders…

We will be in the southern Tunisian part of the Sahara. The first chapter of the story will be set in a 1930s-style hotel, a formal reception where the members of the expedition meet for the first time before setting off into the sands of the unknown…

Our desert camps are equipped with real Berber tents, a large pavilion, working period objects, torches, carpets, cushions. Meals will be prepared by exceptional local chefs, and the food will be suitable for omnivores, vegetarians and vegans. The bread baked in the sand is an experience you must try! Everything is taken care of in detail to offer all the charm that a camp in the dunes should have.

Imagine… the sunset wedges into the dunes. The starry night takes your breath away as you check your equipment before leaving the camp for a brief exploration with a small group.

You take one last look at the camp, which is still teeming with life, the Miskatonic professors are studying the finds, the Royal Geographic ones prepare the route to the next destination, the Legion scouts patrol the area while the Isynwill Foundation researchers carry out their mysterious studies.

Suddenly you feel a shadow slipping silently between two dunes. Perhaps it is just tiredness, you turn to the horizon and walk through the golden sand….


The year is 1934. While the first winds of totalitarianism are rising in Europe and the horror of the Second World War is being prepared, someone is at work.

Some of the world’s most influential organisations are preparing an expedition into the heart of the largest desert on the planet in search of something only ancient scriptures remember, the legendary city of Zerzura.

That is why Miskatonic University, the Royal Gegographic Society, the Isynwill Foundation and the Legion are sending their most prepared people to join the effort. Scientists, military personnel, parapsychologists, adventurers, archaeologists, prepare for an expedition that will become legendary.

Miskatonic Herald, March the 23rd, 1933

Those of our readers who were passionate about the search for the legendary Zerzura and the ill-fated Jefferson expedition that disappeared into thin air in the sands of the Sahara long ago will be delighted. It is breaking news that a new expedition is being organised that will set off with the dual objective of finding the traces of the lost previous expedition and the mythical “white city”.

The world’s most important research institutions will be involved in this expedition. The Royal Geographic Society, the W. Isynwill Foundation, the Legion and the Miskatonic University. The name of the expedition will be Sutton-Gudrian, in honour of two great scholars. Women and men contemptuous of mystery, the whole world looks to you with hope and pride!


Sahara Expedition is an accessible and inclusive experience.

The characters will not have to deal with discrimination typical of the 1930s.

However, discrimination and persecution may be part of the background of some characters.

Madness will not be a stereotypical representation of existing mental disorders but will be connected to the abysmal horrors of the setting.


…in 1934 a group of women and men of culture, action and adventure set off on a journey that will remain in their memories forever.

…a true adventure in the Sahara, one of the most spectacular settings on the planet.

…a story set in the 1930s, with realistic, working props.

…your work, your ambitions, your love, your secrets, your life, in the heart of the Sahara desert.



RUN #5 [ENG]
17-21 April 2024 – SOLD OUT

RUN #7 [ENG]
16-20 October 2024 – SOLD OUT

RUN #8 [ENG]
23-27 October 2024 – SOLD OUT!

Run #9 [ENG] (LAST RUN)
24-28 April 2024 – SOLD OUT!

Sahara Desert, Tunisia

80 each run

From โ‚ฌ685 (all inclusive)
Payment in instalments available.

-1st installment 90โ‚ฌ

-2nd installment -> by the end August 2023

-3rd installment -> by the end of November 2023

Food and accommodation included.

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guida evento

a memorable journey

The Sahara is unique and Tunisia is a welcoming and safe country that you will fall in love with. A chance to experience one of the planet’s most fascinating places. A wonderful journey to share with special people. An experience you will remember for the rest of your life!

super easy

There are plenty of cheap flights to Tunis and from there you can take our bus to the hotel and then to the game location. If you need a tip or help organising your flight just give us a holler. We’ll be glad to give you a hand ๐Ÿ˜‰

is it suitable for me?

If you like adventure and stories from the Cthulhu Mythos, absolutely! To participate in this larp you don’t need any specific knowledge or expertise. All activities of the different “professions” will be explained by the staff in the workshops before the start of the game.


The event is accessible to all. Each day, the caravan proceeds on foot (they are short distances) with the help of camels to transport luggage. If you don’t feel up to walking, no worries, you can go by camel (or off-road vehicle).

all inclusive

Food and accommodation for the duration of the event are included in the registration fee!


mild climate

Although in the imagination the desert is hot, in reality this is not always the case. We purposely chose periods when the temperatures are mild and range between a minimum of 14 ยฐC and a maximum of 26 ยฐC. So it’s super comfortable!

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Pre-registration is free and non-binding and will give you priority when registration opens. You will also receive news, special offers and insights into the world of Cthulhu Mythos Larp and much more.

Adventure awaits!



Sahara Expedition focuses on the daily life of the expedition, the tasks each must perform to find the legendary Zerzura and the traces of the previous Jefferson Expedition.

It is the story of a group of adventurers searching for a hidden and ancient truth, confronting their fears and ambitions. It is a human story about desires, power, mysteries; the story of a legendary quest, within and outside ourselves.

You will experience the life of a real expedition in which everyone has their own role: soldiers, politicians, artists, explorers, scientists, adventurers, and many others.

Exploratory missions, archaeological finds, unexpected adversities, dangers to be faced and much more will shape your day during the expedition. Friendships destined to last a lifetime, bitter rivalries, loves, and unnameable discoveries await you in the desert dunes.

Sahara Expedition is designed to allow you to have experiences based on interpretation, relationships between characters and the ideas of research and of the unknown.



From the 9th of May 2023
Pre-register to one of the runs (it’s free).

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From the 17th May 2023
All the people that have done the pre-registration will receive a link to register.


Read the guide.


Chose the character you prefer.


Adventure begins!


Included in the registration fee are:

  • All meals (vegetarian option always available)
  • All transfers (excluding flight)
  • Accommodation (4+ star hotel and camps)

The programme is subject to change.

  • Day 1
    • Meeting 10 am at the Tunis Clock Tower
    • Departure for the oasis of Douz by bus
    • Dinner and overnight stay in a 4* category hotel
  • Day 2
    • Workshops (Hotel)
    • First chapter of the Larp
  • Day 3
    • Larp.
  • Day 4
    • Larp.
  • Day 5
    • Departure to Tunis Clock Tower (expected arrival 7 p.m. approx.).
    • (OPTIONAL) Additional Tunisia Tour

Extend your trip and discover the wonders of Tunisia. We have great options.

discover more

What you will find


You will experience the life of a real expedition in 1934. Exploratory missions, archaeological finds, unexpected hardships, dangers to be faced and much more.


You will explore the creepiness, madness and the themes of H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Cycle.


Deepen the psychological aspects of the characters, their relationships, fears and ambitions.


By reading ancient volumes, analysing mysterious artefacts and exploring never-before-visited territories, you will try to find your way to the legendary Zerzura and its occult millenary mysteries.

What you will not find

Physical confrontation and combat.

Competitive larp where you can win or lose.

Monsters to fight. It is not a live-action version of the role-playing game “The Call of Cthulhu”.

The guide

Read the complete guide to find out all about Sahara Expedition – In Search of the Unknown.


Cosmic Horror

For Sahara Expedition we were inspired by the original atmosphere of the Cthulhu Mythos Cycle.

The protagonists are not heroes, but people who must come to terms with the narrowness of their condition in the face of a greater, cosmic horror.

They are almost always destined to die, go mad or achieve a victory they know to be ephemeral.

This is the feeling we wanted to capture. A realistic, immersive, deep, cthuloid larp.

Sahare Expedition – In Search of Beyond is a autonomous, standalone event that adds stories, details and characters found in other events of the Chaos League’s expanding Cthulhu Mythos Larp universe.

All events in this line are standalone so you can play them in any order without fear of spoilers.

Currently the Cthulhu Mythos Larp universe includes the larps: Sahara Expedition and Miskatonic University.

State of The Art Larp

We have been organising large larp events for over 20 years in Italy and abroad. We have a real fixation on the quality of our larp events, we take care of your experience from the moment you sign up to the party at the end of the event.

No matter if you are at your first experience or have already participated in other larp events, you will love our community of special people and the inclusive and welcoming atmosphere.

We are real people with a big passion. Want to ask us a question? We’re here.

extend your journey!

discover Tunisia

Take a few extra days and visit Tunisia, it’s a wonderful country!

Together with our partner Eurafr Tours we have designed tours to allow you to discover this incredible country and its beauties after the end of the larp.

All tours can be booked directly from Eurafr Tour our trusted partner.

reliable and safe

We are confident in the quality of our local partners, so you can rest assured. All tours depart directly from the hotel we are staying at. Convenient, isn’t it?

Plus you don’t take any risks, tours reservations can be cancelled with a full refund within 30 days of the event.

day 1
day 2
day 3
day 4
day 5

Full Tour

710โ‚ฌ per person (larp ticket not included).

Departure: the tour departs from Douz at the end of the larp.
Duration: 5 days.
Style: all inclusive (all transportation, food, lodging cat. 4* or higher in double room, single bed available with additional cost).

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Day 1: Douz - relax post larp :)

Relax in Douz after the end of the larp at a 4-star hotel so you can refresh yourself, take a dip in the pool, wander around pretty Douz for mint tea in the quaint square, and recharge your batteries so you can leave refreshed and rested the next morning for the next stages of the tour.

Douz, Tozeur e Nefta

Douz to Tozeur: visit to pottery and brick factory. Lunch in Nefta, Visit to Star Wars set, Dinner and accommodation in 4-star hotel.

Mat-Mata, Ksar, Chenini

Visit to the Trolodite village of Mat-Mata and Berber fort of Ksar,
lunch in Chenini, arrival in Djerba dinner and overnight stay.

Djerba, Gabรจs, El Djem, Hammamet

Tour of Djerba island, departure for Gabรฉs, arrival at El Djem, visit to Roman fort. Dinner and overnight stay in Hammamet.


Morning in Hammamet.

Transfer to Tunis airport depending on participant’s departure time.

day 1
day 2
day 3

Short Tour

295โ‚ฌ per person (larp ticket not included).

Departure: the tour departs from Douz at the end of the larp.
Duration: 3 days.
Style: all inclusive (all transportation, food, lodging cat. 4* or higher  in double room, single bed available with additional cost).

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Day 1: Douz - relax post larp :)

Relax in Douz after the end of the larp at a 4-star hotel so you can refresh yourself, take a dip in the pool, wander around pretty Douz for mint tea in the quaint square, and recharge your batteries so you can leave refreshed and rested the next morning for the next stages of the tour.

El Djem, Hammamet

Douz-Hammamet with a visit to the El Djem coliseum. Afternoon arrival in Hammamet dinner and accommodation.


All day in Hammamet, or possibility of visits to Cap Bon (โ‚ฌ30), Kairouane (โ‚ฌ35), Cartage (โ‚ฌ40), Sousse (โ‚ฌ35).

Transfer to Tunis airport depending on participant’s departure time.

Safe and Inclusive

Our events are safe and inclusive. We believe in a community that embraces diversity and rejects any form of discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, faith, sexual orientation, physical ability and any other aspect of people’s identity. At our events there is no room for verbally or physically abusive behaviour and anyone behaving inappropriately will be removed.

In this setting discrimination will not be part of the game dynamics. This means that characters will not experience the discrimination typical of the 1930s.

However, discrimination and persecution outside the expedition may be part of the background of some characters.

Madness will not be a stereotyped and simplified representation of existing mental disorders. Thoughts, perceptions, emotions, behaviour and relationships will be connected to the contact with horror typical of the setting. These issues will be explored in the event guide and workshops before the event begins.

During the event a Safety Team of experienced, reliable and empathetic people will always be available to offer assistance and support in managing your emotional well-being and to assist you with practical advice on how best to develop your gaming experience.

During the event you will always be able to stop and find a dedicated space in case of particularly intense scenes and emotions that you struggle to manage.

There will be game mechanics to emotionally and physically protect our participants. In addition, part of the initial workshops will focus specifically on this issue. You will find all information in the event guide.

read the faq

Sustainable and Respectful

For this incredible larp we are partnered with the most experienced Saharan guides: Stefano Fazzini and Hรฉdi Belhadj Brahim.

They and the Tunisian team with whom we have been collaborating for several years, know the desert and Tunisia perfectly and will take care of the logistical aspects. We like to bring a positive impact to the places where we take our larps, which is why we employ skilled and experienced locals.

We strongly believe that Sahara Expedition as well as many larps can be a democratic and participative tool to reflect on aspects of our society, to inform and be aware.

Larp can contribute to the common good. At Sahara Expedition we are committed to collaborate with suppliers and workers who are in line with ethical and sustainability criteria.

All the pictures


Must to have any skill to participate?

No! This larp is super simple and is perfect even for those who have never participated in a larp before. You simply have to put yourself out there, and we take care of everything else.

I'm a bit bewildered I've never participated....

Well new things always scare a little bit, that’s normal. That’s why before we start an event we do workshops to let you settle in and feel comfortable.

Do I need to get a costume to participate?

Yes, but it’s super simple. In the event guide you will find tips and directions for sourcing everything you need – it’s easy and fun. You can find most things in your old closet or at flea markets.

We also have a very good costume designer ready to help you with tips and suggestions, just write to to contact her.


Yes, we developed this larp so that it would be suitable for everyone. At times when the caravan is walking (these are short trips) there is always an alternative. You can do the route on camelback or in an all-terrain vehicle. However, the game for some themes is more suitable for people over 16 years old (minors must be accompanied).

Is everything safe?

Safety for us comes first. Both physical and emotional. We have reliable partners and 20 years of experience. You are in good hands with us.

enter the world of

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