“There are books that whisper in the darkness”

Prof. H. Armitage

Shadows over the Campus

Miskatonic University – Shadows Over the Campus is an extraordinary LARP production that plunges you into the eerie world of the Cthulhu Mythos. As the North American run of one of the most acclaimed LARPs in recent years, this unique experience takes place in one of the most fascinating campuses in the United States.

You will play the roles of professors and students of the Miskatonic University and will be engaged in a quest on which the fate of many will depend.

Miskatonic University – Shadows Over the Campus is a story about knowledge and its limits, about destructive ambitions , unfathomable fears, enduring love, and unbridled power.

Become a scholar seeking ancient truths shrouded behind the veil of reality, where reason must yield to the mysteries of the Unknown and the specters of our darkest fears.

A fully immersive experience where every character can make a difference. For those who want to dream really big.

What is a Larp

Dear Students

From the Inaugural Address of the 1924 Academic Year by Dean Prof. Reed, Miskatonic University, Arkham, Massachusetts.

“Miskatonic University is not just one of the most prestigious universities in the country, nor is it only a place of culture and research. It is a community of people cultivating true knowledge.
All of us should be proud to be part of it. And we must earn our place day by day. I especially want to thank Professor Jefferson whose studies are contributing to the luster of this institution.
I recognize in this audience curious and vibrant minds that are not afraid to push their intelligence where no one has ever dared before.
I feel certain that you will live up to the history of this university and of those who have contributed to making it great. Ex Ignorantia Ad Sapientiam; Ex Luce Ad Tenebras.”


The setting of the game is inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Cycle novels and the universe he created, yet we completely reject his racist ideas. We claim the possibility of a modern approach to a universe that is now everyone’s heritage. We will critically reflect on the shadows and complexities of the time and aim to present a critical interpretation of the Cthulhu Mythos and of 20th century authoritarianism.

Characters will not face discrimination issues typical of 1920’s Academia: there might be a female headmaster and LGBT+ or BIPOC professors.

“Madness” will not be a stereotypical and simplified portrayal of existing mental disorders but rather it will be strictly linked to the aftermath of an abysmal contact with ineffable horrors.


A one-of-a-kind location, simply perfect and iconic. Bryn Mawr has a rich architectural history, and continues to preserve and build upon its reputation as one of the most beautiful college campuses in the nation and the world.

Located on a beautiful residential campus just outside the major metropolitan area of Philadelphia with unique neo-gothic architecture, the Bryn Mawr college offers a perfect array of Miskatonic style: vast gardens, historical halls, restaurant, theater, ballroom, dungeons, cloisters, classrooms and much more.

What’s more, the location can be easily reached by public transport from the city center and the nearby airport.

Imagine. It is night, the creaks of the manor house becoming more insistent. Outside, the woods surrounding the campus have plunged into darkness.

It’s late while you study an ancient manuscript borrowed from the library. Suddenly a whisper, a chill climbs up your spine. Maybe you’re just studying too much…


It’s 1924. These are the years of spiritism, of great archaeological discoveries, of prohibition. The horror of the First World War is still in the eyes and on the flesh of many.

In the underground archives of the Miskatonic University a mysterious sarcophagus is found, the existence of which no one remembers. The ancient artifact is sealed.

Miskatonic University summons the best students and professors on campus to witness the opening and study its contents.

Thus begins a journey that will take these brave scholars where they have never imagined.

Cosmic Horror

The initial inspiration for Miskatonic University – Shadows Over the Campus comes from the original atmosphere of the Cthulhu Mythos cycle.

The protagonists are not heroes, but people who must come to terms with the limitation of their humanity in the face of a greater horror.

They are almost always destined to die, go insane, or achieve a victory that they know is ephemeral. This is the feeling we wanted to capture. A realistic, immersive, deep, cthuloid larp.


Miskatonic University – Shadows Over the Campus is a story about knowledge and its limits, about destructive ambitions , unfathomable fears, enduring love, and unbridled power.


Miskatonic University – Shadows Over the Campus is an accessible and inclusive experience.

Discrimination will not be part of game dynamics and characters will not face discrimination issues typical of 1920’s Academia: it will be perfectly normal to have a female dean and LGBT+ and/or BIPOC professors.

However, discrimination and prosecution outside the university walls might be part of some characters’ backgrounds.

“Madness” will not be a stereotypical and simplified portrayal of existing mental disorders but rather it will be strictly linked to the aftermath of an abysmal contact with ineffable horrors.

About Safety


…In 1924, a group of Miskatonic University students and faculty set out to unseal a mysterious sarcophagus for the first time in millennia.

…your ambitions, your love, your secrets, your life, in the college of the legendary Miskatonic University.

…a true adventure in the world of the Cthulhu Mythos where knowledge, madness, and ambition are separated by a thin veil.

…a story set in the 1920s, with realistic, working props.

…a unique location to experience.

State of The Art Larp

We have been organizing large events for over 20 years. We have a real fixation on the quality of our larp events, we take care of your experience from the registration to the party at the end of the event.

We believe in the creative and expressive potential of people. That is why we have designed this game with great care, chiseling it to offer you an experience that will make you the author of an original and shared narrative, powerful and special.

No matter if it’s your first experience or you’ve already participated in other larp events, you’ll love our community of special people and its inclusive and welcoming atmosphere.

We are real people with a big passion. Want to ask us a question?
We’re here.



RUN #1 -> 6-8 June 2025 [SOLD OUT]
RUN #2 -> 13-15 June 2025 [SOLD OUT]


Bryn Mawr College, Philadelphia, PA




Standard Ticket: 800€ (aprox. 865$, community tickets are available).
Payment in installments is available: 

  • 1st installment 90€ (aprox. 98$)
  • 2nd installment -> by the end of October 2024
  • 3rd installment -> by the end of January 2025

Ticket price is shown in euro because our base is in Europe, but you can pay with your regular Credit Card or PayPal.

What's Included

  • Participation in the event
  • Meals provided
  • Accomodation in single room at the campus


Why the ticket is in euro? Because our base is in Europe, but don’t worry. You don’t have to do anything and you can pay online by credit card or paypal.

Is it for Me?

If you crave adventure, drama and exciting stories, absolutely yes! To participate in this larp you don’t need any special knowledge or expertise.

A Memorable Adventure

Miskatonic University – Shadows Over the Campus is a unique opportunity to experience an incredible story in a simply perfect location. An adventure to share with special people and an experience you will remember for a lifetime!

All Inclusive

Food and accommodation in the Campus for the duration of the event are included in the registration fee!

Super Easy

There are plenty of ways to reach Philadelphia. If you need a tip or help organizing your trip, just give us a shout. We’ll help you out 😉.


We try to do our part in taking care of the planet. That is why the larp will donate to projects that advocate for our ecosystem. We are currently discussing with experienced friends which projects to participate in. We strongly believe everyone must do their part.

Smart Travel

Philadelphia is a possible destination for slow travel. If you want to get to Philly by car, bus or train and need a hand to plan the trip, just contact us.


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The good news is that we have created a waiting list to give the opportunity to sign up if we open new runs or if any of the people signed up give up their place.

The Waiting List is free and non-binding. You will also receive news, special offers and insights into the world of Chaos League.

The adventure is waiting for you!

They Say About Us


Players who have already played and loved Miskatonic University



The Miskatonic University is an immersive journey to the Dark Academia of Lovecraftian horror. Highly entertaining and truly unforgettable!

Egle Zioma
Facebook verified review

An awesome team of talented, passionate and nice people. I definately had my best LARP experience at Miskatonic University. It’s immersive, well written, full of emotions and the safety is on point. I would 100% recommand and trust them again for other LARP adventures!

Louise Ougier
Facebook verified review

Chaos League’s games are finely crafted down to the smallest detail – you’re all but guaranteed an amazing experience.

János Márkus
Facebook verified review

The Chaos League team put their heart and soul into their Miskatonic University larp. The props and location were beautiful, the players and staff were supportive, and the event was packed with story and intrigue.

Miles Lizak
Facebook verified review

Incredible dedication and creative energies, heavy subjects treated with sensitivity and attention to players. If you want to have your mind blown, your heart torn in two and have great fun in the process, go play their larps!

Ürmössy Zsuzsanna
Facebook verified review

I higlhly reccomend Chaos League as a larp creators – there is a safe space, there is a support from the staff from start to the end. At no point I did not feel lost or left alone. Thank you for that great experience – I want more 😃

Adam Kreczmański
Facebook verified review

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The larp focuses on university campus life during an exceptional event: the opening of a sarcophagus found in the university’s basement.

Classes, workshops, lectures, sports, cultural clubs, and more make up the day at Miskatonic University.

Friendships destined to last a lifetime, bitter rivalries, loves, and unnameable discoveries await you within the walls of the legendary campus.

This is the story of a group of faculty staff and students searching for a truth that has remained hidden for millennia, as they confront their deepest fears.

Miskatonic University – Shadows Over the Campus is designed to allow you to have experiences based on interpretation, relationships between characters, and the idea of research and the unknown.

North America edition

This edition of Miskatonic University – Shadows Over the Campus is a replica of the event that took place in Europe in 2023. It is the same story with the same characters, what changes is the location. We love this larp and we like the idea of taking it to other locations to allow players from other continents to live the same experience.

We believe that bringing different game cultures together and exploring new, fascinating spaces is an exciting adventure.

Miskatonic University is a Chaos League Larp, the North America edition it’s co-produced with Reverie Studio.



From 18 June 2024
Preregistration opens.

Preregister now

From 25 June 2024
If you have pre-registered, you will receive the link to register (it is enough to pay the first installment).


Read the guide


Choose your character


The adventure begins


  • Day #1
    • 12:30 PM – Check in at the larp Location 
    • 1:30 PM – Workshops
    • 4:00 PM – Change of clothes and photoshoot
    • 5:00 PM – Larp Start 
  • Day #2
    • Larp
  • Day #3
    • Larp
    • 11:30 PM – After Party
  • Day #4
    • 11:30 AM – Checkout

The program may be subject to change.

What You Will Find


You’ll experience life on a real college campus in 1924. Lectures, seminars, cultural and athletic clubs, fellow students and faculty, and more.


You’ll explore the eeriness, madness, and themes of H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Cycle.


Delve into the psychological aspects of the characters, their relationships, fears and ambitions.


You will investigate the occult mysteries of the sarcophagus by reading ancient volumes, analyzing mysterious artifacts along with faculty and professors.

What You Won't Find

Physical confrontation and combat.

Competitive larp in which you can win or lose.

Monsters to fight. This is not a live version of the role-playing game “The Call of Cthulhu”.

Miskatonic University – Shadow over the Campus is a standalone, self-contained event comprising stories, details, and characters that you’ll find in other events in the Chaos League’s expanding Cthulhu Mythos Larp universe. All events in this line are self-contained so you can play them in any order without fear of spoilers.

At the moment the Cthulhu Mythos Larp universe includes the larps: Sahara Expedition – In Search of the Unknown and Miskatonic University – Shadow over the Campus.

Safe And Inclusive

Our events are safe and inclusive. We believe in a community that embraces diversity and rejects any form of discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, faith, sexual orientation, physical ability and any other aspect of people’s identity. There is no room for verbally or physically abusive behavior at our events and anyone behaving inappropriately will be removed.

During the event a Safety Team of experienced, reliable and empathetic people will always be available to offer support and to help you manage your emotional wellbeing and as well as to support you with practical advice on how best to develop your gaming experience.

You will always be able to stop and find a dedicated space in case of particularly intense scenes and emotions that you are struggling to manage.

There will be game mechanics to emotionally and physically protect our participants. In addition, part of the initial workshops will focus specifically on this topic.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to have special skills to participate?

This event is perfect even for those who have never participated in a larp. You simply have to get yourself involved, we take care of the rest.

I am a bit lost, I have never attended...

Well, new things are always a bit scary, that's normal. That's why before we start an event we do workshops to allow you to settle in and feel comfortable.

Should I get a costume?

Yes, but it's super simple. In the event guide you will find tips and directions to get everything you need, it's easy and fun. We will also provide participants with some accessories. In addition, we have a very good costume designer ready to help you with advice and suggestions, just write to info@chaosleague.org to contact her.

Is it suitable for everyone?

Yes, we developed this larp to be suitable for everyone. The game is, however, due to some topics involved, more suitable for people over the age of 18.

Is everything safe?

Safety comes first for us. Both physical and emotional. We are reliable and have more than 20 years of experience. You are in good hands with us.
Read The Complete FAQ


All merch is only available to participants, you can buy it at the time of registration.

Researcher Pack

The perfect pack for students and professors at Miskatonic University, don’t forget the notebook in the forbidden books section 😉

  • Scarf on English pattern 55in x 8in, woven with embroidery and logos

  • A5 notebook

  • Heat-adhesive patch (can be applied quickly before the event to any fabric)

T - Shirt

Show your Miskatonic pride, the official campus t-shirt (tentacles not included!).


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Miskatonic University is a Chaos League Larp
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