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The International Larp Festival is a meeting point, a virtual space where you can experience the most exciting larps firsthand. It is an opportunity to be together, to reconnect with old friends and make new ones.

So what is it? We meet to play and improvise stories together with other people. A new experience that will connect you with many players and many exciting stories.

One of the best parts is that anyone can participate, whether they are beginners or not!

Online Larps

We have selected the best online larps for you. Stories to be experienced in first person designed to be played remotely. It is a new and very successful form, which often amazes with original design choices.

They are collective narratives that will entertain, amaze and touch you. They are games that will challenge you and allow you to get to know yourself and others better.

More than larps!

In this edition we would like to make proper space for talks and panels that will focus on Larp from new and
interesting perspectives.

A space to reflect on this very special narrative form that is Larp, sharing experiences, good practices
and reflections.



From the best game designers around the world.



The best community ever.



Chaos League’s 
special formula

Saturday, January 27th


  • 14.00 👏 Welcome and opening ceremony
  • 14.30 - 17.30 💡 Game Round #1
  • 21.00 - 23.00 🌈 Party, Talk, Panels

Sunday January 28th, 


  • 10.20-13.30 💡 Game Round #2
  • 15.00-18.00 💡 Game Round #3
  • 18.00 🌈 Farewell


  • There are 3 game rounds (so you can experience up to 3 games).
  • No preparation is required.
  • All Larps last less than 3 hours.
  •  A few days after registration you will choose which ones to subscribe to.


Move around the virtual rooms to make new friends and discuss the topics you care about, to understand who was hiding behind the mask of that character you wanted to destroy at all costs!

Discover the larps on the program! We have something for everyone! Intimate and thoughtful, funny, original, adrenaline-pumping, gothic. You’re spoilt for choice!

discover the larps

Southern Way Awards

These are the prizes that the popular jury can award during the Festival to the running games. It will be up to the players to choose the most noteworthy games among the ones featured in the program.

There are so many authors out there who are committed to offering us the best stories to experience. Writers and game designers who work hard to carry out their passion. We believe that this passion should be rewarded. 

Propose your larp

Have you written a larp and want to present it at the festival? Fantastic! We will provide you with all the resources you need (platform, technical advice, etc.) so that it can be played in the best possible way. It is an opportunity to show your work, and share your passion with others. In addition, the selected authors have a special discount on participation.

You have until January 10th to submit your larp!

submit your larp


January, 27th-28th, 2024

Online, Chaos League Discord Server


guida evento

What you need

  • PC or tablet
  • Internet connection
  • Headphones, microphone, webcam

is it suitable for me?

if you love emotional and funny stories, this festival is absolutely for you.

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From the 20th of November 2023
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Chose the larps you prefer.


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Adventure awaits!

Currently, the program is provisional, as we are selecting larps by the most talented authors, and choosing the most interesting talks and panels. We have chosen to offer different styles and genres. 

Fatigue Museum

by Asya Volodina

DURATION: 3 hours


KEYWORDS: experiment, immersion, reflection, fatigue, weakness, body and space

Available only in Game Round #1

Welcome to the Fatigue Museum!

Here you can explore one of the most important and still one of the least visible phenomena in humans’ history: tiredness. Exhaustion. Fatigue.

We are so used to see the history through the lens of victories and strengths. Yet weakness has no smaller importance in our lives, and in the history of humanity. So, please, come in and let’s start the excursion.

There are many showcases in our museum. 

People exhausted after long hours of everyday work. Tired heroes after their deeds. Confused revolutionary after the revolutions are over. Events lost to lack of energy. Tiredness of routine, indifference through inevitability, poetry of passivity, overabundance of being in escape.

And we hope you’ve brought some nice exhibits from your own experience, haven’t you?

Tell me what you want, what you really, really want – A Radio larp

by Sophie Allerding & Jana Romanova

DURATION: 3 hours


KEYWORDS:  radio, game-show, dreaming, comedy

Available only in Game Round #1

Tell us what you want, what you really, really want, and we will make it happen! Welcome to the radio program where dreams take flight, and wishes come true! Tune in to the realm of exciting games, thrilling competitions, and heartfelt desires. With our enchanting moderators, Chili & Cayenne, the wishes of your heart take center stage, and, of course, the fun of it all!

You will be playing as radio listeners from one neighborhood, each with different dreams that they wish to see come true. All of you call into the famous game radio show, “Tell Me What You Want, What You Really, Really Want,” to compete against each other for the first prize: the fulfillment of your dream!

The larp begins with a 40-minute workshop in which participants collaboratively create the world they want to play in, develop their characters, and get introduced to the play’s mechanics. 

The game itself will be streamed on an online radio stream and can also be listened to by non-active participants via the radio or commented on in the chat.

Ship of Theseus

by Olivia Montoya

DURATION: 3 hours


KEYWORDS: Transhumanism, philosophical, support group

Available only in Game Round #3

Ship of Theseus is a philosophical transhumanism-themed support group larp in the American Freeform style. The premise is is that it has become possible to gradually and seamlessly transform from human to post-human using nanotechnology that transforms every cell in the body. The “Singh-Gurantz Process” involves no lapses in the consciousness of the patient outside sleep, and is non-threatening to one’s continued existence, though what that means is up to debate. Various changes happen to the patient’s mind and body during the Process. Some changes are guaranteed. Some are not. Some changes are fleeting, while others are permanent. Patients can choose to stop the Process at any time, though stopping late may mean that some changes are not fully reversible. 

This is a game intended to provoke conversations about identity, life, death, what makes one human, immortality, and whether you’re the same person throughout your whole life, even if you don’t leave your humanity behind. 

Potential content may include: existential risk to humanity; discussion of discrimination, religion/spirituality, abusive relationships, cancer or degenerative brain disorders; and potential body horror

Não olhe para trás (Don´t look back)

by Leandro Godoy

DURATION: 2-3 hours


KEYWORDS: Boogeyman, Listen, Nightmare, Horror, Ghosts, Fears, Horror Stories

Available only in Game Round #1

This larp is about the Boogeyman that haunts everyone.

During the game, participants play fictional characters tormented by a fantastic creature. Everyone is in a borderline situation and seeks help to avoid ending up victims of the creature.

As the people closest to the characters do not believe in the dilemma they are going through, they look for other people on the internet who are supposedly being persecuted by the bogeyman, looking for help.

So, they agree to meet at night on a video conferencing app, in search of joint protection. It’s like a self-help club, where each participant tries to protect others from danger.

Will everyone be able to survive tonight? Or will the Boogeyman take another victim?

Past lives 

by Sydney Mikosch

DURATION: 3 hours

PLAYERS: 6 and more, even number

KEYWORDS: Death, philosophy, uncertainty, hope, self-reflection

Available only in Game Round #1

Past Lives is a Larp where the characters meet their past and future lives.
You died and now, as so many times before, you can choose to step into the light or to be born again. Do you want to go further? Are you afraid of what you will become? Are you afraid of your past? It’s your decision. Do you want to be reborn? And will you meet your soulmate again?

A metaphorical game about choices, morality and self-reflection. It is your decision to be born again. Or is this decision made by others?

Speed dating without the dating

by Rowan B

DURATION: 2-3 hours


KEYWORDS: speed-dating; light-hearted; comic

You’re here, you’re unsure about the societal prioritisation of romantic relationships to the exclusion of all else, and you’re ready to mingle!

This is a game about the various relationships that people can have with each other – important, timeless, fleeting, casual – and the ways that these can defy traditional amatonormativity.

Or, in other words, this is a game about a speed dating event where none of the attendees are actually looking for dates. None of the characters are initially aware of this – they all think that they are the only ones that aren’t here for romance! – but over the course of the game, they will almost certainly figure this out.

Queer and Together at the End of the World

by Gamesforsquids

DURATION: 2.5 hours


KEYWORDS: queer, freeform, apocalypse, friendship

Is digital larp about queer friendship, radical hope, and fighting fear with connection. It is intended to be played over voice or video chat.

The end of the world is the backdrop for this game, but this isn’t a game about the end of the world so much as it’s a game about people sustaining relationships (and relationships sustaining people) in desperate times.

This is a game about queerness, both because it is about queer characters and because it’s about a very queer theme–the world wants to crush you and you live and love in spite of it (but not without consequences or fear). It’s also a game about and inspired by long-distance queer friendship–those moments when you love each other as loud as you can via text or sit quietly with a grieving friend on a video call. This is not an optimistic game, but it is a radically hopeful one.

This Discord has Ghosts in it

by Adam Vass and Will Jobst

DURATION: 2 hours


KEYWORDS: ghosts, exploration, multimedia

You’ve been invited to a haunted house. That haunted house is a Discord server. Find your greatest fear, spill your worst secrets, and get to the thrilling seance. Players are either investigators or ghosts. Ghosts may only type, filling the channels of a Discord with frights!

Spreading horror throughout the rooms and spaces of this house with text, images, audio, or video. Investigators may only speak in a voice channel, with everyone listening in, like walkie-talkies or shouts throughout the space.Throughout the game, ghosts haunt rooms while investigators explore, get spooked, and learn about the ghosts, all while narrating the horror to all players and hinting at their secret motives. 

Survivors in shadows 

by Petra Annelie Feilen

DURATION: 2 hours


KEYWORDS: zombie apocalypse, secrets, closeness/trust

Several years ago, under the guise of medical progress, ApexBioTech carried out researched experimental viruses and genetic manipulations to create the perfect human species. However, something went wrong, and the virus mutated into a dangerous pathogen.

Initially, the infection’s effects were inconspicuous, with mild symptoms like fever and headaches. Soon, the infected transformed into aggressive, zombie-like creatures with a sole purpose: hunting human flesh.

The once-advanced world lost its civilization, sinking into a dark apocalypse. In the dead city four people found a way to communicate.
Each has a unique story and carries secrets as they face the challenges of the zombie apocalypse and fight for survival.

Each person has isolated themselves at a different end of the city, with no contact with other people for a long time. Miraculously, a video call is established, but it lasts only a short time. While everyone is happy to connect, they must also deal with their own inner conflicts and connections to other survivors.


by Rafael Chandler

DURATION: 1.5 hours


KEYWORDS: trapped, trust, sci fi

Will you betray your shipmates? Will you work with them, even though some of them may be guilty of horrific crimes? What happened to the rest of the crew? How many minutes do you have before it happens to you, too? Can you escape, or will someone find your mangled corpse floating in the void?

Players assume the roles of desperate people trapped in a world of high-tech horror: crew members going insane aboard a damaged starship; scientists in research labs, hunted by their own creations; or futuristic data-thieves on the run from soulless security drones.

The characters are separated by quantum anomalies, hostile xenomorphs, or tentacled horrors beyond human comprehension — and they need to work as a team in order to survive. Since they can’t reach one another in person, these characters must communicate by using viewscreens throughout the ship (just as the players communicate via video-chat software).

Imaginary Problems

by Gilbert S, David Neubauer, and Ceridwen Anne

DURATION: 2 hours


KEYWORDS: Imaginative, Playful, Emotional

Imaginary Problems is about a virtual support group for children’s imaginary friends, sharing difficulties and offering imaginative solutions to real problems. The game is an improv-heavy LARP intended for three-to-five players over a digital medium, to be played in around two hours. The game is built to support a wide variety of experiences, ranging tonally from light, breezy, and comedic, to dark, heavy, and melancholy. There are suggestions for ways to calibrate your play to fit the tone and feel that works best for your group.

Calling Down: A Phone LARP

by Peter Hagmann

DURATION: 1 hours


KEYWORDS: horror, phone larp, audio only

It’s late. You are meant to be somewhere else. Instead you’re spending the night at this rundown motel, staring at a damp popcorn ceiling. You can’t sleep. Can’t concentrate. Maybe you’re feeling guilty, or scared, or angry. You need someone to talk to.

There’s something heavy in your chest and you need to offload it on someone else, anyone else.The only light in the room is coming from the telephone sitting on the bedside table, a single red light blinking in the dark. “Hello, this is the concierge speaking. How can I help you tonight?”

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