Chaos League

Immersive Experiences

Immersive experiences are a unique way to live exciting stories, to experience new viewpoints.

They're immersive because we create whole worlds that you can explore where everything is consistent and believable. Like a virtual reality, but without computers.

And they are experiences because you get to experience them firsthand and they are emotions you will cherish and remember forever, like a good trip.

You can interact with other people and be creatively involved. You determine the choices and paths. 

Attention to every detail, our larps are powerful, exciting, fulfilling stories. You find anything like them anywhere else. Guaranteed.


Stories to live around the table with friends at home or online. Storytelling at its finest for different evenings. 

Role-Playing Games

Training for teens and adults. Because experience is the best teacher.


We design events for companies and institutions. Because an event is truly unique when the audience becomes the protagonist.

Immersive Narratives

We help organizations, communities and people to imagine and build a better world.

Speculative Design

We know that wherever there is a good story there are opportunities to do great things and open doors to different perspectives.

Chaos League

Good stories change the world