Stories to live with friends around the table or online. Immersive, original, easy.


they came

a blindfold role playing-game

An immersive role-playing game that is played blindfolded, guided by interactive sound tracks.

The story of a group of fugitives in the Berlin of 1942.

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Chaos League shape

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Chaos League shape

Larp Phone Book


Five larps to play over the phone, to break down technological barriers and distance. Grab a loved one, dial their number and the game is on. 

And it’s free.


The Space Between Us

Chamber Larp

You are the most glorious family of explorers in all of Space Fleet.

You must find a habitable planet. You must pull together and stick together if you don’t want to lose your heads in the vast emptiness of space. Inspired by “Lost in Space” and “The Expanse”.



RPG design, Larp & Beyond

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