Immersive training for children, teens and adults. Because experience is the best teacher.


Experiential and immersive education projects. A brilliant way to get together, have fun and learn.


Storytelling, creative writing and theater workshops for teens and adults. Emotions and skills through immersive storytelling. In collaboration with Laboratorio41 and

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experiential training

Continuous, experiential, immersive training. A new way to develop our potential for individuals and companies. In collaboration with

alibi design

wicked problems

Some topics need a different perspective. Our immersive experiences are perfect for providing fresh viewpoints and developing critical thinking and empathy.

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Chaos League shape

recent works

Chaos League shape

Water Crisis


An experience for adults and schools in which participants explore a future where climate change has forever transformed the way people live. A unique and different way to understand where we are going and how to positively impact the world around us. Produced by and funded by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology.

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First They Came

Role-playing game 

A role-playing game that is played blindfolded, guided by interactive sound tracks. The story of a group of fugitives in the Berlin of 1942.

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The Border

Edularp – Wicked Problem

A LARP that talks about migration, borders and humanity. A new, different form, in which there are no spectators, only participants.

An immersive, powerful event, for kids and adults, a path that puts us in front of our hypocrisies, our limits. 

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Waiting for that flight


A different way to experience history of our country in first person. The Ustica massacre told through an edularp designed for high schools, in presence or online.

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RPG design, Larp & Beyond

We always have an eye on new forms of storytelling. Curious?

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