Stories that you experience firsthand, unforgettable emotions.

what is a larp?

The Chaos League doesn’t organize events, it creates worlds.


Chaos League is the spearhead of the blockbuster larp


Ho scoperto un nuovo modo di fare larp. Emozioni incredibili.



unique style

Exciting, realistic, deep. Each event is an entire world to explore, a unique adventure.

dream locations

The locations you’ve always dreamed of, simply incredible. Every aspect is taken care of down to the last detail.

super community

Every larp is also an opportunity to meet special people. A wonderful community that you’ll love from the first moment.

pro staff

We take care of your experience from the first moment until the end of the event…and after!

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the next wow

Chaos League shape

Miskatonic University

Shadows Over the Campus

Miskatonic University – Shadows Over the Campus is a high-budget live-action role-playing game inspired by the cycle of the Cthulhu Mythos. It is a unique larp that takes place in one of the most majestic and fascinating castles in Europe.

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A Dirty Wall Street Story

ZOO is a unique live-action role-playing game inspired by “Wolf of Wall Street.” It tells the story of a young and crazy broker agency.

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Free and inclusive, in person or online. The perfect way to get into the world of larp.

Every month there is a chamber larp ready to play with no preparation. Lots of special people waiting for you!

The larp club is truly for everyone. Super easy!

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RPG design, Larp & Beyond

We always have an eye on new forms of storytelling. Curious?

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