"There are books that whisper in the darkness"

Prof. H. Armitage

Shadows Over The Campus

Miskatonic University – Shadows Over the Campus is a high-budget live-action role-playing game inspired by the cycle of the Cthulhu Mythos. It is a unique larp that takes place in one of the most majestic and fascinating castles in Europe.

You will play as professors and students of Miskatonic University engaged in a quest on which the fate of many will depend.

Miskatonic University is a story about knowledge and its limits, ambition, hatred, fear, love, and power.

Scholars trying to see an ancient truth beyond the veil, where reason must surrender and make way for the unknown and our deepest fears.

A fully immersive experience where every character can make a difference. For those who want to dream really big.

Dear Students

From the inaugural address for the 1924 academic year by Dean A. Murdock. Miskatonic University, Arkham, Massachusetts.

“The Miskatonic University is not just one of the most prestigious universities in the country. It is not just a place of culture and research. It is a community of people cultivating true knowledge.

All of us should be proud to be a part of it. And we must earn our place in it day by day. I especially want to thank ProfessorJefferson whose studies are contributing to the luster of this institution.

I see in this audience curious and vibrant minds that are not afraid to push their intelligence where no one before has dared.

I know that you will live up to the history of this university and of those who have contributed to making it great. Ex Ignorantia Ad Sapientiam; Ex Luce Ad Tenebras.”


The setting of the game is inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Cycle novels and the universe he created, yet we completely reject his racist ideas. We claim the possibility of a modern approach to a universe that is now everyone’s heritage. As it happened in Sahara Expedition, we will critically reflect on the shadows and complexities of the time and present a critical interpretation of the Cthulhu Mythos and the XX century authoritarianism.

Characters will not face the discrimination issues typical for academia in the 1920s: there might be a female headmaster and LGBT+ or BIPOC professors.

“Madness”, will not be a stereotypical and simplified portrayal of existing mental disorders, but strictly linked with the abysmal contact with ineffable horrors.

The Location

One of the largest and most fascinating castles in Europe is entirely at our disposal.

Nestled in the woods with unique neo-Renaissance architecture, Kliczkow Castle offers 219 rooms in perfect Miskatonic style: billiard hall, pub, restaurant, indoor swimming pool, historical theater, ballroom, dungeons, cloisters, classrooms, historical rooms, and much more.

It is located in Poland, only two hours from Berlin and we take care of the bus transfer from Berlin Central Station. Convenient, isn’t it?

Imagine. It is night, the creaks of the manor house becoming more insistent. Outside, the woods surrounding the campus have plunged into darkness.

It’s late while you study an ancient manuscript borrowed from the library. Suddenly a whisper, a chill climbs up your spine. Maybe you just studied too much…


It’s 1924. These are the years of spiritualism, of great archaeological discoveries, of prohibition. The horror of the First World War is still in the eyes and on the flesh of many.

In the underground archives of the Miskatonic University a mysterious sarcophagus was found, the existence of which no one remembered. The ancient artifact is sealed.

Miskatonic University summons the best students and professors on campus to witness the opening and study its contents.

Thus begins a journey that will take these brave scholars where they never imagined.


Miskatonic University is an accessible and inclusive experience. Discrimination will not be part of game dynamics and characters will not face the discrimination issues typical for academia in the 1920s: it will be perfectly normal to have a female headmaster and LGBT+ andor BIPOC professors.

However, discrimination and prosecution outside the University walls might be part of some characters’ backgrounds.

“Madness” will not be a stereotypical and simplified portrayal of existing mental disorders, but will be strictly linked with the abysmal horrors of the setting.

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…In 1924, a group of Miskatonic University students and faculty set out to unseal a mysterious sarcophagus for the first time in millennia.

…your ambitions, your love, your secrets, your life, in the college of the legendary Miskatonic University.

…a true adventure in the world of the Cthulhu Cycle where knowledge, madness, and ambition are separated by a thin veil.

…a story set in the 1920s, with realistic, working props.

…a unique location to experience exclusively.


RUN #4 [ENG]
15-18 April 2023

RUN #6 [ENG]
10-13 June 2023

RUN #7 [ENG]
9-12 September 2023

Zamek Kliczkow, Poland

80-100 per run

from 360€ to 595€
you can pay in installments

Food and lodging included.

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From the Berlin Central Station, we will organize a bus transfer that takes you directly to the location and brings you back to the station with all the other players. So you have time to make friends!

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During the event, all anti-COVID rules will be respected by strictly following the safety measures in force at the time.

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The larp focuses on university campus life during an exceptional event: the opening of the sarcophagus found in the university’s basement.

Classes, workshops, lectures, sports, cultural clubs, and more make up the day at Miskatonic University. Friendships destined to last a lifetime, bitter rivalries, loves, and unnameable discoveries await you within the walls of the legendary campus.

This is the story of a group of faculty and students searching for a truth that has remained hidden for millennia, as they confront their deepest fears.

Miskatonic University is designed to allow you to have experiences based on interpretation, the relationship between characters, and the idea of research and the unknown.


Food and lodging are included in registration. The program is tentative and may be modified.

  • DAY #1
  • DAY #2
    • Larp
  • DAY #3
    • Larp
    • 12 AM After Party
  • DAY #4

    11.30 AM – Transfer by bus to Berlin Central Station (arrival at Berlin Central Station 4 PM ca.).

What You Will Find


You’ll experience life on a real college campus in 1924. Lectures, seminars, cultural and athletic clubs, fellow students and faculty, and more.


You’ll explore the eeriness, madness, and themes of H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Cycle.


Delve into the psychological aspects of the characters, their relationships, fears and ambitions.


You will investigate the occult mysteries of the sarcophagus by reading ancient volumes, analyzing mysterious artifacts along with faculty and professors.

What You Won't Find

Physical confrontation and combat.

Competitive larp in which you can win or lose.

Monsters to fight. This is not a live version of the role-playing game “The Call of Cthulhu”.

Cosmic Horror

For Miskatonic University we were inspired by the original atmosphere of the Cthulhu Mythos cycle.

The protagonists are not heroes, but people who must come to terms with the limitation of their humanity in the face of a greater horror.

They are almost always destined to die, go insane, or achieve a victory that they know is ephemeral. This is the feeling we wanted to capture. A realistic, immersive, deep, cthuloid larp.

Miskatonic University – Shadow over the Campus is a standalone, self-contained event that adds stories, details, and characters that you’ll find in other events in the Chaos League’s expanding Cthulhu Mythos Larp universe. All events in this line are self-contained so you can play them in any order without fear of spoilers.

At the moment the Cthulhu Mythos Larp universe includes the larps: Sahara Expedition and Miskatonic University.

State of The Art Larp

We have been organizing large larp events for over twenty years in Italy and abroad. We have a real fixation on the quality of our events, we take care of your experience from the moment you sign up to the party at the end of the event.

No matter if you’re at your first larp experience, you’ll love our community of special people and an inclusive atmosphere.

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Safe and Inclusive

Our events are safe and inclusive. We believe in a community that embraces diversity and rejects any form of discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, faith, sexual orientation, physical ability, and any other aspects of players’ identity. In our larps, there is no space for verbally or physically abusive behaviors and anyone behaving inappropriately will be removed from the event.

Concerning the in-game setting, discrimination will not be part of game dynamics. This means that characters will not face the discrimination issues typical for academia in the 1920s: it will be perfectly normal to have a female headmaster and LGBT+ andor BIPOC professors.

However, discrimination and prosecution outside the University walls might be part of some characters’ backgrounds. In regards to “madness”, it will not be a stereotypical and simplified portrayal of existing mental disorders: the abnormal thoughts, perceptions, emotions, behavior, and relationships will be strictly linked with the abysmal contact with ineffable horrors. All this will be clarified in the design documents and workshopped.

In addition, organizers will always be available to listen to players’ needs and concerns and a safety team will be always available on site Our Safety Team, composed of experienced, reliable and empathetic people, offers support and privacy to support you to handle emotional care and wellbeing and to help you with practical advice on how to best develop your gaming experience. During the events, you can always stop the game and have a reserved area in case of particularly intense scenes or overwhelming emotions.

We have guides and game mechanics to protect the physical and emotional safety of the participants. In addition, part of the initial workshop will focus specifically on these issues. You will find all the information in the event guide.

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