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There are no less than 113 characters to choose from, each one special and unique. We wrote and designed them with great love. For all information see the character section of the guide.


To write the characters we were inspired by real events, images and above all, music. We suggest you read the characters while listening to the playlist we made to give you the right atmosphere!

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NameArchetype RoleSocietySociety StatusAverage GradeMorning LectureAfternoon LectureStudy GroupScolarshipTriggers
EarnshawThe death-haunted torn between religiosity and lust for lifeStudentEnigma SocietyMasterBArchaeology BArt History B8nodescription of corpses, murder, death of a loved one, desecration of graves, suffering from psychological disorder (anxiety, PTSD), drugs
EastonThe cunning opportunist willing to do anything to get what they wantStudentEnigma SocietyMemberBAnthropology AAncient languages A1noperpetrator of physical and psychological abuse
EbnerThe cold and morbid investigator of the deadStudent PrefectEnigma SocietyMemberBAncient languages BArchaeology B11nodescription of corpses, perpetrator of psychological abuse, suicide
EbrahimThe friendly typographer's child lover of secrets and intrigueStudentEnigma SocietyMemberBArt History BAnthropology B15yesReligious discrimination,Homicide of a loved one, Politics, War.
EcheverriaThe cynical opportunist bibliophile who despises idealistsStudentEnigma SocietyMemberBArt History BAnthropology B16nodeath of a loved one, witness of physical and sexual abuse, child abuse
EganovThe outspoken Bolshevik who wants to spread the idealStudentEnigma SocietyMasterBArchaeology AArt History A5nopolitics, discrimination (racism), war,
EggerThe misunderstood explorer's child who lost their wits in the iceStudentEnigma SocietyMemberBAnthropology AAncient languages A2nodeath of a loved one, homicide, witness and perpetrator of physical violence, suffering from psychological/psychiatric disorder, cannibalism.
EikenboomThe paranoid boss's kid about to fall apartStudentEnigma SocietyNoviceBArchaeology BArt History B7noSuffering from psychiatric disorder, homicide, witness and perpetrator of physical violence
EklundThe meek mosaicist who seeks meaning in the world's tilesStudentEnigma SocietyNoviceBAncient languages AArchaeology A10nodomestic abuse, homicide, cannibalism, religious fanaticism, death of a loved one, children abuse , witness of physical and sexual abuse
El-AminThe mystic torn from the desert who opposes tyrantsStudentEnigma SocietyMemberBArchaeology BArt History B7nocolonialism, discrimination (racism), cultural appropriation
EleusineThe notorious transformist thief eager to live a thousand livesStudentEnigma SocietyMemberAAncient languages AArchaeology A9noSuicide of a loved one, negligent homicide
EllisThe suspicious lover of the hunt who is obsessed with deathStudent Assistant (Art History A)Enigma SocietyNoviceBArt History AAnthropology A14noPhysical violence, killing of animals, cannibalism, suicide of a loved one.
ElzingaThe devoted manipulator a little too fascinated by the Evil OneStudentEnigma SocietyNoviceCAnthropology BAncient languages B3yesanimal violence and killing, psychiatric disorder of a loved one, alcohol abuse, religious fundamentalism
EmineThe proud and incorruptible betrayed revolutionary who is inspired by antiquityStudentEnigma SocietyMasterBArt History AAnthropology A13nopolitics, witness and perpetrator of violence, homicide, war, death of a loved one, suicide.
EndicottThe unruly and vital dandy who constantly craves adrenalinStudentEnigma SocietyNoviceCArt History AAnthropology A13nodrugs, alcohol, discrimination (race), physical violence, war, suicide
EngmanThe crime news enthusiast who harbours too many horrendous secretsStudentEnigma SocietyNoviceCAnthropology BAncient languages B4yesInsects, Cannibalism, Death of a loved one, Homicide.
EriksenThe grim lover of the darkness who is haunted by their ancestors StudentEnigma SocietyNoviceAArchaeology AArt History A6nosuffering from a psychological disorder (PTSD, paranoia), war, death of a loved one
EvansThe weird obsessive symbolist who seeks the essence of thingsStudent Assistant (Archaeology B)Enigma SocietyNoviceBAncient languages BArchaeology B12no Suffering from psychological disorder and terminal illness, victim of physical violence, infanticide, suicide of a loved one
EwingThe criminal who hates the rich and loses all the loved onesStudent Assistant (Ancient languages A)Enigma SocietyMemberBAncient languages AArchaeology A9nomental illness and death of a loved one, imprisonment, homicide, perpetrator of physical violence, spiritism, suicide
EzraThe resolute bodyguard who wants to be worthy of their fatherStudent Assistant (Art History B)Enigma SocietyNoviceAArchaeology BArt History B8nodeath of a loved one, physical violence
GadThe friendly drug dealer who has let down those who trusted them too many timesStudent PrefectGoliard’s ThornsMemberCArchaeology BArt History B8yesdrugs, perpetrator of physical violence, death of a loved one
GainesThe depraved who grew up among gangsters and offers unique experiencesStudentGoliard’s ThornsMasterBArt History AAnthropology A14no Sex, cannibalism, drugs and alcohol, physical violence, perpetrator of psychological and sexual abuse, death of a loved one.
GantenbeinThe strong one who controls everything and hides their illness at all costsStudentGoliard’s ThornsNoviceAAnthropology AAncient languages A2nosuffering from epylepsy, death of a loved one, homicide, witness and perpetrator of physical violence, cannibalism, discrimination (LGBTQI+fobia, abilism), alcohol
GarciaThe pragmatist who is prepared to risk everything to enjoy lifeStudentGoliard’s ThornsMemberBArchaeology AArt History A5nodeath of a loved one, cannibalism, alcohol, suicide
GarlandThe neglected sensitive who wants to learn to let goStudentGoliard’s ThornsMasterCAnthropology AAncient languages A2noillness and death of a loved one, suicide
GarrettThe explorer baron who despises mediocrity willing to do anything to achieve gloryStudentGoliard’s ThornsMasterBArt History AAnthropology A13noillness and death of a loved one, perpetrator of physical and sexual abuse, alcohol
GavriluThe idealistic libertarian journalist who fights abuseStudentGoliard’s ThornsNoviceBArchaeology BArt History B7nodiscrimination (anti-gypsism), death of a loved one, desecration of graves, colonialism
GensheimerThe sadistic fantasist who feeds on the pain of othersStudentGoliard’s ThornsNoviceBAncient languages BArchaeology B11no victim of physical violence, children abuse, sadism, perpetrator of physical and psychological violence, suicide
GerrardThe traveller of the Here and Beyond who tries to fight depressionStudentGoliard’s ThornsNoviceCArchaeology AArt History A5nodrugs and alcohol, suffering from psychological/psychiatric disorder (depression), suicide, death of a loved one, self-harm
GiannopoulosThe hunted aristocratic viveur who cannot trustStudentGoliard’s ThornsNoviceCArchaeology BArt History B8nopolitics, death of a loved one, alcohol, drugs
GillespieThe loyal political exile who believes in justiceStudentGoliard’s ThornsNoviceCArt History BAnthropology B15yesvictim of physical violence, Imprisonment, Homicide, Politics.
GissendannerThe fearless individualist adventurer from whom their little sister was snatchedStudentGoliard’s ThornsMemberCArt History BAnthropology B16nodeath of a loved one, self-harm, perpetrator of physical violence, murder, imprisonment, colonialism, child abuse
GlatzThe heir of the crime lord who fears to have inherited the father's violenceStudentGoliard’s ThornsMemberCArchaeology BArt History B7nodeath of a loved one, homicide, suicide, self-harm, physical violence, alcohol
GoetteThe reflective pastor's child wondering about God's willStudentGoliard’s ThornsMemberCArchaeology BArt History B8nodiscrimination (anti-Semitism), war, witness of physical violence
GoldmanThe chess genius planner who believes in intellectStudentGoliard’s ThornsMemberBAncient languages AArchaeology A10nochild abuse, victim of physical abuse, homicide, illness of a loved one
GolubevThe exile survivor of the revolution in search of a happy lifeStudentGoliard’s ThornsMemberBArt History BAnthropology B16novictim of physical violence, cannibalism, homicide of a loved one, politics, alcohol
GraveThe former heroin addicted inmate who seeks atonement in painStudent Assistant (Ancient languages B)Goliard’s ThornsNoviceCAncient languages BArchaeology B12noChild Prostitution, Drugs, Physical Violence, Homicide, Imprisonment, Suicide, Masochism, Self-harm.
GreenThe androgynous reborn cabaret star who fights injusticeStudentGoliard’s ThornsMemberAAnthropology AAncient languages A1nodiscrimination (LGBTQIphobia), victim of physical and psychological abuse
GreysonThe efficient monster hunter interned in the asylumStudentGoliard’s ThornsNoviceAArchaeology AArt History A6nodeath of a loved one, suffering from a psychiatric illness, desecration graves, internment in a psychiatric hospital, perpetrator of physical violence
GriffinThe brilliant iron-willed geek capable of acting glaciallyStudentGoliard’s ThornsNoviceAAncient languages AArchaeology A9nosuffering from terminal illness, suicide of a loved one, killing of animals, perpetrator of violence, homicide
GustavsonThe compassionate unravelling mind that wants to dispel the darknessStudentGoliard’s ThornsNoviceBArchaeology AArt History A6nodisappearance and illness of a loved one, insects, suicide, drugs,
KabirThe amnesiac star involved in deviant cultsStudentKnife and VeilMasterBAncient languages AArchaeology A10noSuffering from psychollogical disorder (PTSD, amnesia), Homicide, mummification, sex, child physical, psychological and sexual abuse, victim of psychological and sexual abuse, cannibalism, suicid
KaczynskiThe idealist founder of esoteric socialism who believes in universal brotherhoodStudentKnife and VeilNoviceBArt History AAnthropology A13nohomicide of a loved one, witness of physical violence, war, politics.
KaderabekThe self-destructive romantic spirit that wants to feed on violent wonderStudentKnife and VeilMemberBAnthropology BAncient languages B3noself-harm, killing of animals, death of a loved one, detention in a psychiatric clinic
KaffenbergerThe melancholic guardian of the law who disobeyed ordersStudentKnife and VeilNoviceBAncient languages BArchaeology B12novictim of physical violence, death of a loved one, homicide, politics, suicide
KahanekThe unscrupulous orphan willing to do anything to succeedStudentKnife and VeilMasterBArt History AAnthropology A14nophysical violence, alcohol, murder
KahlThe self-harming writer whose fairy tales come trueStudentKnife and VeilNoviceBArchaeology BArt History B7noself-harm, perpetrator of physical violence, homicide
KaneThe fragile patient prey to the hallucinations that have haunted them since childhoodStudentKnife and VeilNoviceBAnthropology BAncient languages B4noSuffering from a psychiatric disorder, detention in a psychiatric hospital, insects
KempaThe sarcastic necrophorus who puts others firstStudent Assistant (Archaeology A)Knife and VeilMemberAArchaeology AArt History A6nodescription of corpses, death of a loved one, death of animal
KensingtonThe fascist aristocrat with the gift of clairvoyanceStudentKnife and VeilMasterBArt History BAnthropology B16nomummification, homicide, witness and perpetrator of physical violence, politics (fascism), discrimination (racism, anti-gypsyism)
KimberThe charismatic ruler of the street who fights for their peopleStudentKnife and VeilNoviceCArt History BAnthropology B15nodiscrimination (anti-semitism), politics (fascism), perpetrator of physical violence
KlecaThe street-hardened stepchild with blood on their handsStudentKnife and VeilNoviceBArt History BAnthropology B15yesVictim and perpetrator of violence, domestic violence, Death of a loved one, Homicide
KoppelThe empath grown up in a genocide looking for a way to stop feeling painStudentKnife and VeilMemberCAncient languages AArchaeology A9nocolonialism, discrimination (racism), genocide, death of a loved one, infanticide, war, spiritism, self-harm
KouryThe profound psychic searching for their little sister among the ghostsStudentKnife and VeilMemberBAnthropology AAncient languages A1nodeath of a loved one, self-harm, suicide, spiritism, physical violence
KovačThe gentle post-mortem photographer who gives a bit of immortalityStudentKnife and VeilNoviceCAnthropology BAncient languages B4noillness and death of a loved one, description of corpses, suicide, moths
KramerThe sociable rabbi's child who loves confrontationStudent Assistant (Ancient languages A)Knife and VeilNoviceAAnthropology AAncient languages A2nodiscrimination (anti-Semitism), victim and perpetrator of physical violence, death and illness of a loved one, description of corpses
KufaThe gentle spiritist colonist who believes in ancient mythsStudent PrefectKnife and VeilMemberAAncient languages BArchaeology B11noColonialism, discrimination (racial), Cultural appropriation, Homicide, Politics, séances, perpetrator of physical violence
LachyThe sad writer of Penny Dreadful who lost their little girlStudentLost PoetsNoviceCArchaeology AArt History A6nodeath of a loved one, description of corpses, insects
LancasterThe competitive street versifier who made it on their own strengthStudentLost PoetsMasterAAncient languages AArchaeology A10nodeath of a loved one, homicide, description of corpse, witness of physical violence, alcohol, drugs, mutilation
LandolfiThe one-eyed Freak Show artist raised by 'monsters' StudentLost PoetsNoviceAArchaeology AArt History A6nosuffering from physical disability (severe eye injury), discrimination (ableism), physical violence, self-harm, victim of psychological abuse
LaneThe sensitive child of the general terrified by lonelinessStudentLost PoetsMasterAAnthropology AAncient languages A1noPhysical Violence, Violence against animals, Politics, Homicide of a dear one
LangenbergThe functional and impassive dissociate who puts hell on paperStudentLost PoetsNoviceAAnthropology BAncient languages B4noPhysical and sexual domestic abuse of children, child prostitution, suffering from psychological/psychiatric disorder (dissociation, PTSD), suicide, description of corpses, moths, death of a loved one, victim of psychological and sexual violence, perpetrator of physical violence.
LarsonThe naive language lover who wants to take care of peopleStudentLost PoetsMasterCAncient languages BArchaeology B11nowitness to physical violence, death of a dear one, negligent homicide, insects
LawsonThe irreverent libertine who composes audacious satireStudentLost PoetsNoviceBAnthropology AAncient languages A2nosex and pornography, turpiloquy, alcohol, perpetrator of physical violence
LazarThe ethereal and ascetical painter who creates the Heavenly BlueStudentLost PoetsMemberBArt History AAnthropology B15nowitness of psychological and physical violence, perpetrator of physical violence
LazarashviliThe heroic and proud duelling prince who lives everything with intensityStudent Assistant (Ancient languages B)Lost PoetsMemberAAnthropology BAncient languages B3nowar, politics, perpetrator of physical violence, discrimination(racism)
LeeThe visionary violinist of the night torn between depression and maniaStudentLost PoetsNoviceBArchaeology AArt History A5no death of a loved one, discrimination (anti-gypsism), suffering from a psychiatric disorder (bipolar disorder)
LeightonThe sweet poet of obituaries visited by the deadStudentLost PoetsMemberBArt History AAnthropology A13noDeath of a loved one, suicide, religious fanaticism, description of corpses, suffering from a psychiatric disorder, internment in a psychiatric hospital, desecration of graves
LejeuneThe extravagant and exuberant billionaire with a disease that consumes themStudentLost PoetsMemberCArt History BAnthropology B16nosex, suffering from a terminal illness, suffering from psychiatric disorders
LeonianThe mystic antiquarian who seeks God in diamondsStudentLost PoetsNoviceBAncient languages BArchaeology B12nogenocide, discrimination (ethnic) , physical violence against children and infanticide, death of a dear one
LestrangeThe perverse Grand Guignol experimenter besieged by boredomStudent PrefectLost PoetsMemberBArchaeology AArt History A6nomental illness and death of a loved one, sadism, perpetrator of physical and psychological violence, homicide
LindbergThe blunt and violent chronicler of the slums who despises hypocrisyStudentLost PoetsMemberBArchaeology BArt History B7yesperpetrator of physical violence, domestic violence, homicide, death and mental illness of a loved one, turpiloquy
LittleThe curious veteran chemist who faces horror through artStudentLost PoetsNoviceCAncient languages AArchaeology A9nosuffering from psychological disorder (PTSD), abortion, infanticide, mental illness of a loved one, war, homicide, description of corpses
LockhartThe loyal friend who watches others live and fears being aloneStudentLost PoetsNoviceCAnthropology BAncient languages B3noperpetrator of physical violence, alcohol, drugs
LockwoodThe rough and upright bounty hunter who despises the richStudentLost PoetsNoviceCAnthropology BAncient languages B4noPhysical violence, negligent homicide, alcoholism, domestic physical and sexual abuse of children, child prostitution, killing of animals.
LoughlinThe burning militant with a poetic soul who fights for independenceStudentLost PoetsNoviceCArt History AAnthropology A14noPhysical Violence, War, Politics, negligent homicide
MabelThe obstinate ex-cop oniromancer in search of their missing little sisterStudentMind’s EyeMasterBArt History AAnthropology A13no death of a loved one, alcohol and drugs, victim of physical abuse, domestic violence against children
MacAlisterThe combative and eloquent trade unionist who wants to listen to everyone's voiceStudentMind’s EyeMasterBAnthropology BAncient languages B4noalcohol, discrimination (racism), mutilation, death and illness of a loved one, politics, physical violence, imprisonment, killing of animals
MackieThe arrogant black sheep who seeks the essence of life in vices and excessesStudentMind’s EyeNoviceBArchaeology BArt History B7noalcohol and drugs, negligent homicide, self-harm, terminal illness of a dear one
MaddisonThe honest and generous orphan with no intention of choosing evilStudentMind’s EyeNoviceBArchaeology BArt History B8nodeath of a loved one, perpetrator of physical violence, war, self-harm, suicide, description of corpses
MalaspinaThe vitalist reactionary and revolutionary New CitizenStudentMind’s EyeNoviceBAncient languages BArchaeology B11noColonialism, Politics (fascism), child sexual abuse, domestic abuse, (racial) discrimination, death of a loved one, war, victim and perpetrator of physical violence
MalcolmThe awkward serial killer's child afraid of going madStudentMind’s EyeNoviceBAncient languages BArchaeology B12nowitness of physical violence, infanticide, detention and execution of a loved one, suicide, discrimination, spiritism
MamedovieThe sorrowful billionaire philanthropist who wants to end all warsStudentMind’s EyeNoviceCArchaeology AArt History A5nowar, crimes against humanity
ManciniThe altruistic defender of the weakest who does not want to be helpedStudentMind’s EyeNoviceBAnthropology AAncient languages A1yesvictim of physical violence, suffering from illness (migraine and epilepsy), war, mental illness of a loved one, perpetrator of violence against animals, discrimination (ableism)
ManesThe fascinating illusionist demystifier who unmasks charlatansStudentMind’s EyeNoviceBAnthropology BAncient languages B3nosuicide of a loved person, religious fanaticism, spiritism/séances
McEwenThe anxious terrified by emotions who seeks meaning in rationalityStudentMind’s EyeMemberBArt History BAnthropology B16noperpetrator of physical violence, death and disability of a loved one, alcohol and drugs, homicide, infanticide, description of corpses
MendezThe desperate opium addict who still thinks of their beloved fatherStudentMind’s EyeMemberCAncient languages AArchaeology A9nohomicide of a loved one, witness of physical violence, alcohol and drug abuse, suicide, séances
MillerThe sweet and tenacious war volunteer for loveStudentMind’s EyeMemberBArchaeology BArt History B8yessuffering from psychological disorder (PTSD), war, victim and perpetrator of violence, description of corpses, death, mental illness and terminal illness of a loved one
MineyevThe thoughtful tsarist who reflects upon violenceStudentMind’s EyeMasterBAnthropology BAncient languages B3nowar, death of a loved one, politics, witness and perpetrator of physical violence, homicide
MirkovichThe introverted bibliophile carrying the scars of warStudent Assistant (Anthropology B)Mind’s EyeNoviceBArt History BAnthropology B15yeswar, perpetrator and victim of physical violence, death of a dear one
MonaghanThe enthusiastic talkative cop terrified of silenceStudentMind’s EyeMemberAAncient languages AArchaeology A10nosuffering from psychological disorder (PTSD), physical and psychological child abuse, murder, mutilation
MoreauThe cuddly bookworm who doesn't like being the centre of attentionStudent PrefectMind’s EyeMemberBAnthropology AAncient languages A1nowitness, victim and perpetrator of violence, child domestic violence, spiritism
MullenThe guilt-torn fratricide seeking their mother's forgivenessStudentMind’s EyeMemberAAncient languages BArchaeology B11noabortion, infanticide, mental illness and death of a loved one, spiritism
MyersThe sidelined 'wrong' scion who must learn the self-esteemStudentMind’s EyeNoviceCAnthropology AAncient languages A2nosuffering from a learning disorder (dyslexia), victim of physical and psychological violence, incarceration in an asylum, disability of a loved one, euthanasia
OatneyThe loyal and rigid soldier on leave driven by a sense of dutyStudent Assistant (Anthropology A)Order 322MemberAAnthropology AAncient languages A2noillness and death of a loved one, homicide, war, physical violence, suffering from a terminal illness
OaxacaThe criminologist of the last ones who turned their back on privilegeStudent PrefectOrder 322MasterAArt History AAnthropology A13nodeath of a loved one, physical violence, terminal illness of a loved one
Obermeyer The cold and traumatised aristocrat who has forgotten sweetnessStudent Assistant (Art History A)Order 322NoviceAArchaeology AArt History A5novictim and perpetrator of psychological and physical abuse, domestic violence, illness and death of a loved one, discrimination (ableism), psychological disorder (PTSD), killing of animals, suicide
OdebrechtThe authoritarian aristocrat who doesn't want to be touchedStudentOrder 322MasterAArt History AAnthropology A14no suffering from a psychological disorder (aphiphobia, PTSD), victim of physical and sexual violence, sex, description of corpses, necrophilia
OllingerThe only surviving child who fears the arrival of the DiseaseStudent Assistant (Anthropology B)Order 322NoviceBAnthropology BAncient languages B3noViolence and killing of animals, physical and mental illness of a loved one, euthanasia
OlmannThe compassionate doctor determined to become an archaeologistStudent Assistant (Art History B)Order 322NoviceBArt History BAnthropology B16noperpetrator of physical violence, euthanasia, drugs
OlsonThe imprisoned anarcho-individualist who believes in free willStudent Assistant (Archaeology B)Order 322NoviceBArchaeology BArt History B7nopolitics, victim and witness of physical violence, prison detention, drugs, death of a loved one
OrionizdeThe exuberant dying comet who wants to live to the fullStudent Assistant (Archaeology A)Order 322MemberAAncient languages AArchaeology A10nosuffering from terminal illness, victim of physical and psychological violence, mummification, rats
OrosThe sweet dreamer lost in fairy tales who is unable to focusStudentOrder 322NoviceAAncient languages BArchaeology B11nosuffering from neurodevelopmental disorder, negligent homicide, internment in an asylum
OrtizThe proud and arrogant Luciferian creator of their own destinyStudent Assistant (Anthropology A)Order 322MemberAArt History AAnthropology A14noreligious fanaticism, death of a loved one, death in childbirth, satanism, cannibalism, mutilation,discrimination (ableism), homicide
OsbornThe tormented secret agent who can't sleep a winkStudentOrder 322NoviceCAncient languages BArchaeology B12nomurder of a loved one, politician, sufferer of psychological/psychiatric disorder, internment in a psychiatric hospital, perpetrator of physical violence
OttwayThe tenacious former sectioned tormented by the voice of the witchStudentOrder 322MasterAAncient languages AArchaeology A9noDeath of a dear one, Physical Violence, Detention in Psychiatric Hospital, Spiritism\séances, Suicide, suffering from Psychiatric Disorder, Physical Illness of a Dear One
PazziThe haughty last heir of a lineage that guards unmentionable secretsProfessorOrder 322MemberArchaeology AArchaeology A5nomurder of a loved one, suffering from ambulation problems, suicide
PereiraThe good avenger of works of art who has lost their great loveProfessorKnife and VeilMemberArt History BArt History B15noColonialism, War, Physical Violence, Homicide, Alcohol and Drugs, Sickness and death of a loved one, Self-harm.
PetkovThe biting experimenter of social violenceProfessorOrder 322MemberAnthropology AAnthropology A1noperpetrator of psychological violence, sadism, death of a loved one
PetrescuThe magnetic tempter puppeteer who loves to disturb and confuseProfessorMind’s EyeMemberArt History AArt History A14noPerpetrator of psychological abuse, sex, homicide, satanism
PorterThe wise kabbalist who despite everything has faith in the human beingProfessorLost PoetsMemberAnthropology BAnthropology B4nodiscrimination (anti-Semitism), insects, victim of physical violence, suicide
PriceThe heir to a cursed lineage who finds solace only in teachingProfessorOrder 322MemberAncient languages AAncient languages A10noHomicide, discrimination (abilism), infanticide, rats
ReedThe responsible and compassionate guide who feels a shadow advancingRectorOrder 322MemberAncient languages BAncient languages B12nopsychiatric illness of a loved one, suicide of a loved one, politics, victim of physical violence