Chaos League

Larpwriters, role-players, transmedial storytellers.



Each event has a soul. Its own features and style. Each event is a world of its own.



With over twenty years of experience, the Chaos League is one of the oldest and most renowned European larp societies.



For us, a larp is an original and profound means of expression. The right stories can change people and therefore the world.



We are theatre professionals, writers, musicians, stage directors, larp writers and larp designers. And we put all our skills in our events.


We are a bunch of boys and girls who do a lot of different jobs in the fields of art: we are actors, musicians, directors, pedagogues, and writers. We have been organising Live Action Role-Playing events in Italy since 1992. We have experimented with different formulas and played with hundreds of people from all over the world.

Although remaining consistent with our vision and personal interpretation of the game, we have never stopped putting ourselves to the test, always trying something challenging and new. Something profound and visionary to be shared and protected. We believe in the special need to create and inhabit collective stories, improvising spaces, and other existences. As Role-Players, we always have a new story to tell.

Our journey

Our journey started many years ago. Since then, we have been knights defending their border lands, men of faith threatened by the blind Inquisition, patriots consecrated to the ultimate sacrifice. We have been imprisoned and fought to escape, we have been the last survivors of the human race, ordinary men and women in search of freedom and ourselves.

We have experienced all sorts of emotions: we have laughed, cried, screamed and struggled together. And every time, at the end of each game, we have gone back home as changed man and women, mindful of the existences we were able to live and breathe.

Laboratorio 41


Laboratorio 41 is a cultural association based in Bologna which promotes interdisciplinary performance arts, theatre research and training. It is our second home.

A free space where we can create common cultural paths. Laboratorio 41 hosts and organises kids and adults theatre programs; theatre and creative writing workshops; yoga, pilates, and photography courses; music, singing, and dance classes.

Many members of the Chaos League work at Laboratorio 41l, using larp principles, techniques, and practices as teaching methods.

Chaos Armada


It is a group of affiliates to the Chaos League.

They started off as players to our events but then a special relationship was established and they became something more.

Now they are our allies who walk with us along our paths. With us they share the joys and pains of organising events. They are there in our hour of need.

Like us, they believe in larp and friendship.