Lands with lakes and rivers were made for man to live in.
The desert was made for man to find his soul.

Tuareg Proverb

Sahara Expedition

a new larp era

Sahara Expedition – In search of Unknow is a high-budget live action roleplaying game for 60+ players in the style of Southern Way/New Italian Larp, set against the most fascinating natural backdrop: the Sahara Desert.

It is also a larp redefining the boundaries of its craft, setting the bar higher, a way to dream big, to bring stories to their habitat, to live a great journey within the game and outside of it. A full package, an incredible, unique experience.

During the event, players will step in the shoes of technicians, administrators, soldiers, politicians, explorers, scientists and adventurers taking part in the Sutton – Gudrian expedition.

A fully immersive game experience, where every character can make a difference.

Cthulhu Mytohs

The setting of the game will draw inspiration from the Cthulhu Mythos by H.P. Lovecraft and the narrative universe originated by it.

We completely reject his racist ideas, but as authors we believe in the possibility of a critical approach to a universe which belongs to everyone and whose ties to its original author become weaker every day.

We believe the Mythos may be read from many different directions and spawn new narratives each time. This larp will not be a celebration of colonialism or fetishization of the exotic.

On the contrary, the event will be respectful, and written with the maturity we put in our every work.


Sahara Expedition is a deep larp about ambition, war, hatred, love, the search for one’s self and the discovery of what exists beyond the veil.

It delves into what we truly are.

The Expedition

the setting


The year is 1934. While Europe shivers under the current of totalitarianism and the horror of World War II brews, someone is at work.

Some of the most influential organizations in the world prepare an expedition into the heart of the world’s largest desert in search of something whose existence is only remembered by ancient scripture.

Scientists, soldiers, men and women of faith, adventurers, archeologists, guides and workers from every field prepare for one of the most incredible voyages ever undertaken by humanity.


… in 1934 a team of men and women of culture, action and adventure sets out for a journey they will remember forever.

… a real adventure in the Sahara, one of the most spectacular landscapes of our planet.

… a story set in the Thirties, with realistic, functional props.

… your craft, your ambitions, your love, your secrets, your life in the heart of the Sahara.


Join the Expedition 

We are looking for more dreamers and adventurers who want to be part of something big. We’ll put all our experience and passion at work to make this dream come true. Whether you’re just curious or absolutely want to join in, let us know by compiling the form. We’re counting on you!

Waiting List

We have had many requests for this incredible event and we are very happy, the downside is that the spot are limited. Do not panic!

If you want to have your chance to participate anyway, we recommend that you subscribe to the waiting list: it’s free. If there were to be defections we will draw the new participants from the list, at that point it will be enough to pay the fee to be on board. Adventure awaits you!

The Runs

RUN #1 – ITA 2 – 5, January 2020
RUN #2 – ENG 9 – 12, January 2020
RUN #3 – ENG 23-26 April 2020
RUN #4 – ENG 30 April – 3 May 2020


We have received over 1,000 pre-registrations and the first 4 runs are already sold out!

But we want to share this project with all of you and maybe plan other runs;). Let us know if you’re interested by registering here and we’ll keep you updated.

Preregistration is free and noncommittal.

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for members of the expedition


RUN #1 ITA> 2 – 5 Gennaio 2020
RUN #2 ENG> 9 – 12 January 2020
RUN #3 ENG> 23-26 April 2020
RUN #4 ENG> 30 April – 3 May 2020

Sahara, Tunisia, Douz.

Around 60 per run.

350€ – 550€ ca.
Flight to Tunis NOT included. It is possible to pay in three instalments.

Open to all ages. Minors must be accompanied by an adult.

English. If English is not your first language, don’t worry! Your English doesn’t have to be perfect!

The Guide

The Guide to Sahara Expedition is online with useful info such as:

  • A description of the game experience
  • Insight into the setting
  • Costume tips and details
  • Everything you’ll need to know to play a member of the expedition
  • If you have any questions, contact us!


In Sahara Expedition you’ll share an intense relationship with your character:

you’ll get a challenge with yourself, a troubled past, a descent into madness.


The Sea of Sand

The Sahara desert is one of the most fascinating places on Earth. An incredible scenario which for centuries has inspired people to create, to fight, to explore. The largest desert in the world, majestically spread over 9 million square kilometers. And at its heart, our camp.

Not a location but a space without boundaries, where the only thing you can meet for miles around is your own self.

The Camp

Our traveling camp will be fitted with real Berber tents, a great pavillion, functional period equipment, torches, carpets, pillows in proper Tuareg fashion.

Everything will be handpicked to the tiniest detail to offer you all the charm of a camp among the dunes. Imagine the starry night above you, as something lurks just beyond the campfire…


the desert expedition

Sahara Expedition was conceived and realized to be played by a wide variety of people, it is a modular larp in which every player will get the experience they prefer according to the character they choose.

No special training or physical disposition is required to play. Sahara Expedition is designed for special people with big dreams and an adventurous spirit.

The game is centered on caravan life and on the hardships and ambitions an expedition like this needs to tangle with day after day. A human story made of longing, power, hatred and love. The story of a strenuous search, within and without.


the game experience

The game and its setting are designed to let you experience your character and their relationships, as well as a search into the unknown. 

Design & Game feel


what you will find


what you won’t find

An eerie exploration of madness and the themes central to H.P. Lovecraft’s work.

Intense relationship play (love, rivalry, revenge, hope) with the other characters.

A deep dive into the psychology of the characters, their motivations, their traumas and ambitions.

Live the life of a real expedition and practice your craft. A functional caravan needs soldiers, politicians, artists, explorers, scientists, adventurers and so much more.

Physical confrontation and fighting

A win-or-lose competitive larp

Scarcity of food and water

Monsters to fight. This is not a live reenactment of “The Call of Cthulhu”, the tabletop RPG.

Design & Game feel


what you will find

An eerie exploration of madness and the themes central to H.P. Lovecraft’s work.

Intense relationship play (love, rivalry, revenge, hope) with the other characters.

A deep dive into the psychology of the characters, their motivations, their traumas and ambitions.

The life of a real exploration expedition, coming true with your contribution.


what you won’t find

Physical confrontation and fighting.

A win-or-lose competitive larp.

Scarcity of food and water.

Monsters to fight. This is not a live reenactment of “The Call of Cthulhu”, the tabletop RPG.

The Journey

an incredible trip

All meals, night stays and travel costs (hotel and desert camp) are included in the ticket price. Flight to Tunis not included.

Day 1
  • 11:30 am – Meeting at Tunis Carthage International Airport

  • Departure towards Douz Oasis in 5-star bus

  • Workshop #1

  • Dinner and lodging in 4-star hotel

Day 2
  • Workshop #2

  • Departure towards our camp

  • The Larp begins

Day 3
  • Larp
Day 4
  • Departure towards Tunis Carthage International Airport (arrival by 16:00)

Every day the caravan will follow its itinerary on foot, with help from camels for luggage transportation. There are alternatives for those who cannot walk.

Safety First

 in game

All aspects of our larps are designed with care, especially in terms of safety and inclusiveness.

Our approach is to be safe by design, guaranteeing that you will never find yourself in a situation you wouldn’t want to be in. And we’ll do it without disturbing the narrative flow.

We also take care of every detail, from the moment you sign up to the end of your experience. Our guarantee? We have more than 25 years of experience and thousands of loving players.

out of game

For this incredible larp we have enlisted the help of one of the most experienced and famed Saharan guides: Stefano Fazzini.

Stefano and his team know the desert and Tunisia like the back of their hand and will handle the logistics of our expedition.

Inclusiveness and Safety

Chaos League wishes to be attentive to safety, the emotional wellbeing of its players, and the inclusiveness of its community.

  • Chaos League welcomes everyone and all identities. We strongly believe in a diverse, inclusive, respectful and amazing community.
  • We’ve decided to create a Safety Team composed of a number of trustworthy and empathetic organisers. They will do their best to offer players a safer space during every larp.

  • The safety of the expedition is a theme we are deeply invested in. We’re actively cooperating with expert guides and local authorities, particularly the Brigade Turistique, whose people operate daily in the area.
  • A dedicated Off-Game Space will be available to players during the event, especially after particularly intense scenes and overwhelming feelings. The Safety Team will be there to ensure players’ comfort and privacy, to support them in case of emotional need and to give tips on how to develop their experience.
  • We have designed specific mechanics to ensure player safety. More information on the event guide.
  • Part of the pre-game workshop will be specifically dedicated to player safety and the introduction of the Safety Team.
  • We’re happy to announce the beginning of our cooperation with experts and advisors from two wonderful communities: the writer Wu Ming 1 and our local consultants, Hella Grichi and Rihab Mejri, who will help us design an event that fits in tactfully with Tunisian culture, its history, its society and its traditions. We also would like to thank Clio Davis and Eva Wei for their precious advice

Dream Big 

the adventure of a lifetime


The Sahara Expedition is our most ambitious project yet, a high-budget larp for 60+ players in an unforgettable location: the Sahara Desert.

It’s been one of our dreams for many years and we have been nurturing it with devotion. Now we’re determined to make it real thanks to the help and support of the many players that, like us, want to dream big.

A boundless backdrop, a journey planned with the utmost care, a gargantuan production effort: several camps with period tents, carpets, furniture, functional equipment, everything down to the tiniest detail.

A true caravan with unforgettable characters, an expert crew and… Camels! A unique story, the adventure of a lifetime.

Help us spread the word!

share the dream 

Share the event on your social networks and give us a concrete hand in bringing this massive larp project to life. We’d be truly grateful!

Larp for Change

sustainable and ethical

We firmly believe that Sahara Expedition, as well as many other larps, can be a democratic and participatory tool to reflect on the aspects of our society, to inform us and become more aware of the world.

Games can contribute to the common good as well as any other medium. In Sahara Expedition we pledge to:

Donate part of the profit to groups working for the development of Africa.

Work with suppliers and manufacturers in line with our ethics and sustainability criteria.

Join the Expedition Join the Expedition