Welcome back to the Sahara Expedition developer blog! Over the course of these articles we’ll discuss the vision and work that go into a project such as Sahara Expedition, as well as keep you up to date on production and design developments. Keep in mind that some design elements might change during the course of production. This is the beauty (and horror) of live development!


Institutions and Departments


The Sutton-Gudrian Expedition is the result of a great organizational and financial effort. A single institution could never have gathered the funds and know-how essential tu such an ambitious enterprise. For this reason, the expedition only exists thanks to the cooperation of several different institutions.


Each institution has its own “way of life”, a trait that is also summarized by its motto. Without delving too much on details, we want to briefly introduce the five institutions that will contribute to the expedition, both monetarily and by sending their own experts and workers. 


We’ll talk about every institution in greater depth further down the line 😉


Miskatonic University – Ex Ignorantia Ad Sapientiam 

There’s no need for further introductions, here.The Miskatonic University is based in Arkham, Massachusetts, and most of the scholars that will take part in the expedition hail from its academic staff. These researchers’ determination and dedication to learning will be crucial to gathering information about our destinaton’s archeological, historical and linguistic aspects.


Legion – Courage and Honor 

A paramilitary body with many desert operations under its belt, all carried out in hostile territory. They are skilled guides, capable of getting out of the wildest, most desperate situations thanks to their extensive field expertise. Although their dubious reputation as mercenaries and vultures inevitably precedes them, their contribution to the expedition as a logistical support will be vital to our collective survival.


Royal Geographic Society – Knowledge is Power 

This British geographical research institute has a long history of ambitious expeditions and legendary explorers. Its cartographers and experience in braving hostile territories will be essential to the success of our own venture. They are also responsible for the logistics of the entire mission.


T. Marks Foundation – Beyond the Veil 

The Theron Marks foundation has been investigating reality through parapsychology and “alternative” methods and tools for many years. It is an authority in its field, and its undisputable successes have granted it a certain fame in the United States. In spite of this, many remain skeptical about its experts’ methods and belief, and some still think of them as mere charlatans. Yet their scientific and parascientific background may give the expedition just the edge it needs.


Hawthorn Enterprises – Always Further 

The eccentric billionaire, H. Hawthorn, has long been the talk of financial and political newspapers, and speculation on his private life has made the headlines of many a tabloid. Very little is known about him, and few can say they have met him personally: he is shrouded by a mysterious cloud of charisma. Mr. Hawthorn is well known for his generosity, and for being one of the wealthiest philanthropes of the world. He has provided the expedition with a rich monetary contribution, as well as the expertise of his prospectors and a cinematic troupe to record this historical event.



Each institution has two ways of contributing to the expedition: by investing money (each in different amounts) and by sending its experts to the field. These will be our characters. The institutions each handle two specific areas of expertise, and their influence on the expedition’s success will mainly depend on their exploits in those fields. Each department will have several assigned tasks, some of which will require several workers to cooperate. Here is the expedition’s current structure (Remember! Things may change as we work on the game.) Scroll down to see the departmens and institutions scheme.


Final thoughts 

We’ve decided to create a structure mirroring those of true past exploration missions. We spent a long time researching the topic and we’re happy to include so many different aspects of an expedition. Indeed, this kind of mission usually consisted of a caravan that was like a small, self-sufficient community, able to face any adversity that might get in its way. Each task will get a set of protocols and routines, allowing its assigned players to portray it in a concrete, realistic way without having real knowledge of the field. 

Furthermore, each role and department offers a different game experience, so that everyone can choose what to focus on, not just based on the character sheet (which we’ll discuss soon!), but also on the kind of action (and interaction!) they want during the game. For instance, if you want a more involving physical experience with scouting and guard shifts, the Legion is certainly the right way to look. 

Cthulhu Fhtagn! 

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