Play Larp

Internationa Larp Festival

Play Larp is an international larp festival. A meeting between larpwriters and players. We’ll spend time playing and talking. One of the main goals is to discover and share. And play. Play Larpis part of one of the most important game conventions in Europe: Modena Play. We have enrolled different larp designers from Italy and other European countries to create a common ground for playing and thinking about making larps. Play Larp will be also an opportunity to show your work to new players.



How does Play Larp work?

You will run your larp and in exchange will play those created by other game designers. We have reserved an entirehostel to accommodate all participants. There we will sleep and eat, and spend time together. The hostel will become our “Larp House”, a place for the mutual sharing of ideas; and between a beer or two, and a laugh, we will surely welcome new projects and collaborations!





DURATION: 2 giorni
LOCATION: Modena centro
EVENT TYPE: Chamber larp, Evento, Convention