Crescendo giocoso

A live action roleplay-list with 12 larp. by Oscar Biffi & The Italian Chamber Orchestra.

Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to present The Italian Chamber Orchestra, the one and only ensemble without instruments and scores. The only way to play is pretending, and improvisation is our specialty.

We are proud to present our first record: Crescendo Giocoso, a collection of twelve live action role-playing games, written by Italian authors and meant for everyone out there.
A crescendo of scenarios, each for a different number of players, from 2 to 12, and up to 30 with the final game. No matter how many of you there are, or whether you have an hour of free time or four, our role-playlist has a track made just for you. No need for game masters or facilitators: just players.


The red thread that ties our games together is not a theme or a setting, but our design approach. We put the suggestive power of the written word at the heart of it all, to give instructions, set the mood, define the characters and, above all, inspire emotion.
This is the background of our Orchestra, whose roots sink deep into the small but lively Italian scene of so-called ‘chamber’ larp.

Italians do it, for better or for worse.

And is a self-managed space we’ve been using for years to organise chamber larp conventions open to all Italian players. An open stage for ever-new jam sessions.
Oscar Biffi is one of the founders, and has always made his games freely available, so that anyone can download and play them even beyond organised events. These scenarios will always be available this way, in Italian, but now they’re ready to take on a new, original form, to make up half of the collection we’re asking you to support.



Our objective is the same as always: contributing to the diffusion of gaming culture. Beyond national borders, thanks to the English translation by Chiara Locatelli and Jason Morningstar. And beyond the limits of what we take for granted in our approach to larp.

The book will feature completely revised and rewritten instructions, born from years of playtesting and designed to be accessible to new players as well as those with years of experience in realities different from our own.

Different from the Southern Way – New Italian Larp
Our friends at the Chaos League collective launched this manifesto, and we agree wholeheartedly with its contents. This is the spirit we play by.


Authors are bound to their games, and not just sentimentally. Our habit has always been to explain them ourselves to each group of players, possibly in person.

Well, we wanted to break this habit, first of all inside our heads, and put our scenarios in question to rewrite them under a common framework. We’ve made the players the centre of it all, bearing in mind the picture of someone reading the instructions aloud to their peers.
To improvise a game on the fly, or to organize everything down to the last detail, from location to costumes, if that’s what you’d rather do.

‘We’ takes the place of ‘you’. Unwritten rules are put on paper, black-on-white.
Eclecticism, adaptability and scores of advice from those who’ve already played these games over and over. These are our code words.


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