A survivor is born. @come Antéros comanda #1

5 Apr, 2017 | Insights

by Barbara Audisio
I must admit that at first I took it badly.This new “single” condition scared me and seems like a jump into the void. A little bit ‘too much in a vacuum or in a vacuum a little bit too empty. Then slowly the fear is gone disintegrating in front of my eyes, the gap began to fill up with funny things and I started to be “yes woman”.
Throughout this constant saying “yes”, a friend asked me to join a Larp. “I’m going,” he says. I remember we were in the car and we were going to Modena and he began to tell his story until I did not tell him: “Can I come?”Larp means Live Action Role-Playing, a live action role-playing game in first person.
I’ll write to you ‘cause I avoid going to look on the internet as I did. They will give us a character, a setting, a story, and the rest is up to the characters. For a whole day my friend tells me about this game, the one he did last year, the people they met. He shows me pictures, videos shot by the staff, the images of his costume.
When he spoke he had the eyes of a child, excited and dreamy. I understand it’s something magic that I want to do absolutely. He adds: “You will be crossed by emotions. For someone like you will be an impact, you’d struggle to get back to reality and will change the way you see it.”It’s my stuff…

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