by Devin Caldwell

The process of organizing a successful LARP or live action role play can be challenging. There are multiple obstacles that you will face, whether you are a seasoned LARP organizer or a novice dipping their toes into the pool for the first time. However, there are no difficulties involved that you cannot overcome with proper preparation. In simple terms, if you establish a solid foundation for your LARP through planning, you can avoid unforeseen mishaps.

When you decide to plan this type of event, you should first consider the right organization model to match your needs. There are multiple structures which are commonly used, especially when a group is planning the LARP. The hierarchical model is the most popular because there is a clear leader to manage the rest of the people. Alternatively, you can choose a committee model which allows the organizers to share the power and make decisions. Regardless of the organization model chosen, here are some simple but practical tips to help you prepare for your next LARP.


Choose Your Story with Care

The success of your LARP can be limited or enhanced by your choice of story. Both beginners and expert players want to participate in a play which excites them and engages their minds and spirits. If you are looking for a good story to use, you can draw your inspiration from media. There are great TV shows, books, films and video games which have stories that work well for LARPs. Just make sure it has good content. If you have a creative mind, you can develop your own story or use ideas from other LARP enthusiasts.

If you are working with experienced LARPers or are using a well-known story, you will not need to use too much detail when creating the framework. The players can improvise, creating a more natural feeling. On the other hand, if you are using an original story, you will need to provide useful information. The details will help the players have a clear image of your vision. Also, beginners might not be familiar with some common stories, so you should consider this aspect to avoid unforeseen issues.


Plan for Strong Characters

After deciding on your story, you should evaluate the characters and take measures to strengthen them. It is advisable to provide some character sheets for the attendees. The information included can help them understand their roles more and subsequently, bring the LARP to life. In general, the sheets can have basic information on the character. This choice will give experienced players the freedom to control most of the other aspects, including the motivations, desires and even history. You can also choose to have all these details and factors in the character sheets.


Consider Practical Requirements

Practical elements of the event can be forgotten in the face of the LARP. However, you should note that the fundamental human aspects of the play can make or break your organized play. If people feel distressed during the LARP or uncomfortable, they will not have a good impression. Therefore, make sure that there is enough food and water for the attendees. There should also be good bathrooms, and consider looking for a shaded area for rest. People should also be able to charge phones and other powered devices. There should also be a place to acquire essential items such as portable chargers, disposable e-cigarettes or coil replacements for their vaping kits.


Engage Some Helpers

Finally, you should remember that the best LARPs are made by including individuals and the general community. Therefore, you should not be hesitant to reach out to people for help. Contact well-known LARP enthusiasts in your area and call your friends and family. Businesses such as comic book stores and related online communities can also assist. More helping hands will increase your chances of success.

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