Fantasy mental mobility and imaginary visual culture: Role Play Games and LARP Secondary World

19 Feb, 2016 | Games Studies, Insights

di Anna Sara D’Aversa ///

The play space is a virtual transitory and multi-perceptive space, a dramaturgical dimension blown up in a multiplicity of plateaux where one acts performatively. The homo ludens experiences the morality absence, the God absence, according to Georges Bataille’s theories. The play is undeniable, pre-psychological and it is a superabundance of radical and extreme externality. Ludic experiences include us, they let us permeate into the hidden oddity of a real alternative dimension recreation, into the paidia. Through a close look to the RPG (Role Play Game) and the LARP (Live Action Role Playing) we will underline the player mental mobility that overcome the limits of physical existence, ordinary and orderly life, and it passes in the direction of an imaginary visual cultural dimension, through a liquid and unfinible movement. We will highlight the differences between the LARP spatial mobility and the RPG virtual and imaginary one, we will look to the valency of these mobilities and to the different application techniques in traditional role play games and in more experimental ones. Historically, we will trace the origin and the historical exigences of the imaginary visual culture engendered by the recent cosmogony of the RPG and the LARP experiences, definable as a pure re-creation of a vital alternative and secondary space. The “being in play” of the human being is a no-aim and no-compitive tendency movement, is a continuous mobility of happening, the liquid movement of the play’s free action. The role player expands himself, rally, welcomes an identity polymer even definable as “understanding” (sich einspielen) towards a porous system where rules and spaces exist but they change according to the possible choice, to the hyper-kinetic of play superstructures. The play-thought becomes sovereign, not subjugated to necessity. The J.R.R. Tolkien’s statements about Fantasy is fundamental for the comprehension of how human being is able to detach himself from the super-structural spatial, temporal and causal psycho-social constriction. The slavery towards this factual reality has engendered a mental settlement that provoked the urgency of a Secondary World (the world of institutional culture wastes, of sub-creations that moves towards the reason and the scientific truths overcoming) where Fantasy operates.

D’Aversa, A.,S., 2014, Fantasy mental mobility and imaginary visual culture: Role Play Games and LARP Secondary World, in Jhonson, L., (a cura di), Mobility and Fantasy in visual culture, Routledge

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