Chaos League goes to Warsaw!

19 Feb, 2016 | Insights, What people say


Dopo aver fatto i bagagli, studiato e scritto interventi e slide, un pugno di coraggiosi Chaotici si è imbarcato questa mattina (proprio ora mentre scrivo) su un aereo con destinazione Varsavia. Vanno a raccontare ai larper del nord Europa (polacchi ma non solo, perchè è una conferenza internazionale) cosa succede nei nostri eventi, quali direzioni sta prendendo il nostro modo di fare larp. Andiamo a raccontare le nostre esperienze e a ascoltare quelle degli altri. Perchè il larp è fatto di donne e di uomini e soprattutto delle loro esperienze. Andiamo a conoscere nuovi amici e a reincontrarne di vecchi.

Siete curiosi di sapere cosa accadrà? Il nostro intervento è fissato per le 11.00 di domani mattina (ora italiana), chi vuole può seguire tutte le conferenze in streaming a questo link:

Streaming KOLA

A presto!

Ecco l’abstract del nostro intervento:

The Legend of Percival

Set in the heart of Rome in modern times, “The Legend of Percival” was played without interruption for four days and four nights by participants mingling with the unsuspecting inhabitants. It was a particularly strong experience where game and reality mixed together, fortifying one another. We would be delighted to show the photos and multimedia material used for the game and to talk about the narrative techniques and the logistics employed for this type of LARP.

Ecco cos’è il Kola:

KOLA is a hobbyist conference, dedicated to larps. This year the fans will meet in February for the fifth time to sum up the larping events of the past year, exchange knowledge, experiences, and think about what the future will bring and what should be done in order to prepare even better larps.
KOLA is an opportunity to listen to or give fascinating lectures, take part in discussions or workshops, and get to know larpers from all over Poland and abroad in a creative, friendly atmosphere.
KOLA is a conference not only for Polish people. We aim at making it in most part accessible to all English-speakers. We want to exchange experiences, styles of leadership and play.
KOLA is open to both experienced larpers and newcomers. Our goal is to reach out to all environments – especially the ones which have, up until now, avoided the spotlights of Polish larp scene. We would like to draw in people who don’t actively participate in creating larps anymore, but who have incredible amounts of invaluable knowledge they could share.

Qui il sito dell’evento

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