We’re always thinking about our community and how to make it easier to join our events.
For this reason we’re very proud to offer you the ChaosPass.

It’s super simple, it gives you a right to an incremental discount on the larps you play over the course of the solar year. So the more larps you play, the less your tickets cost. Never go without your hype again!

How does it work?

  • If you’ve already paid for 1 larp, you have 15% off the second (CODE: ChaosPass1)
  • If you’ve already paid for 2 larps, you have 20% off the third (CODE: ChaosPass2)
  • If you’ve already paid for 3 larps, you have 25% off the fourth (CODE: ChaosPass3)

You just need to type in the code at the time of purchase and you’ll be set up for your next larp!