The Toolbox


 What’s a Toolbox? 

In order to create your character for New Atlantis a Toolbox has been devised to help you shaping your alter ego step by step. Once you have selected all the options you like, what you’ll have in your hands is a coherent structure of your character completed of all its most important features.


How does the Toolbox work?

Every choice you make will have consequences that define in detail who you are and what you do. Read carefully all the options so when the day to make your choice comes you’ll be ready to pick the ones that excite you the most.


The Toolbox comprises the following elements:

  1. Archetypes (active now)
  2. Personalities (active now)
  3. Inclinations (active now)
  4. Details
  5. Radio Interviews and Forum
  6. The Survivor’s Journal

Numbers 5 and 6 will take place during the Pervasive Pre-Game session which starts on April, 5th.


What should I do now?


  1. Take your time to read carefully the Toolbox
  2. Choose your Archetype, Personality and Inclinations
  3. Fill the form


1. Archetypes

The Archetype is the basis of your character; it represents your essence, your deepest nature and temperament. There are four Archetypes: each provides a specific direction of play and helps you develop your own tone and approach to the game.

In addition to providing a brief description of your nature and your ways of approaching the world, each Archetype sets your Drive, your Tasks, your Survival Mark and your Related Personalities (see below).




2. Personalities

Personalities express special undertones of each Archetype and define more clearly your nature and attitude. You may pick a specific Personality only if connected to the Archetype you have chosen.

Each Personality provides Tasks, a Doubt and an Opposition (see below). Personality Tasks add up to the ones provided by the Archetype so that players will start the game with four tasks each.



3. Inclinations

Inclinations represent specific problems, needs and ambitions your character will experience in the near future. Inclinations are both natural predispositions and reactions to past experiences, close relationships, friendships, and occupations. You may choose only one Inclination that is connected to your Archetype. According to the one you choose, you will have to answer to two Issues (see below).



4. Details

If Archetypes, Personalities and Inclinations are the bone structure of your character, Details are the flesh. You will receive a Toolbox questionnaire that will help you piece things together and define all the details of your character: name, last name, occupation, family, relationships and more. This way your alter ego will be complete and multifarious.


5. Radio Interviews and Forum

From April, 5 to April, 21 the pre-larp phase will be on. It will be aimed at shaping characters through various different stimuli given by the organizers. It will also help to establish a thing or two about the game setting.

More precisely: 

  • # It will take place entirely online, all you need is a laptop and steady Internet access;
  • # It will be played on a online forum, with chat features to interact with single and multiple  players at a time (and with organizers, too, of course).
  • # Players will be asked to join an initial narrative and through improvisation they will put forward and share ideas and proposals about the end of the world. In so doing, players will have the chance to meet other characters and establish personal (fictional) relations.
  • # Players may join the forum at any time of the day and devote as much time as they deem appropriate (from a few minutes to all day long).
  • # The more you interact during this phase of the game, the more rewarding the live experience will be.

During  the Pervasive Pre-Game session your character already in-role will interact with other players* on an online platform through a live chat, a forum and radio interviews. Such features will help you shape and interpret your character in depth.

Let’s see how they will work:

Radio interviews will actually be audio-journals players will be asked to record and send in order to be broadcasted online at specific times during the day. Here your character will tell his or her story of survival and will share news about his or her current situation.

Forums and chats will be available 24/7 and will basically be very useful to get in touch with other characters: this way you will be able to get to know them and exchange vital info that will turn out handy during the larp.

* [Please note that since the Pervasive Pre-Game session is open to anyone, you will probably meet and play with people who won’t be playing the actual larp next!]


6. The Survivor’s Journal

The Survivor’s Journal is your witness, your most trustworthy companion in the dark days after the end. It may be a simple notebook or a few scattered papers picked up in the streets on which your character is asked to write down his or her recollections. Through the eyes of your character, you will record how you survived for three months after the end of the world right up to the beginning of the actual live game.

Players will be asked to write down the journal in the last days of the Pervasive Pre-Game session. When the time comes, you will receive detailed info and instructions.




Drives are essential impulses or inner urges related to the Archetype, which animate and prompt your every activities and thoughts. Bear in mind that you can’t ever back out of your Drive, you must always follow it during the game. Drives’ descriptions are indicated quite generically so to guarantee more freedom of interpretation to characters.



Tasks indicate assignments that everyone has to carry out during the day; they must be performed and repeated whenever possible. Generally speaking, they represent indications of possible actions and interactions if and when you are unsure of how to proceed in the game. Since they should serve as example, don’t restrict yourself to just these activities but rather use them as inspiration and incentive to better understand who you are and what you do. Feel free to bring your character’s tasks into action the moment you deem right.


The Survivor’s Mark

The Survivor’s Mark is a painful secret, a memory or a scar you carry inside yourself. It’s connected to something that happened when you were trying to survive the global disaster (i.e. during the Pervasive Pre-Game and before starting the actual larp game) and that left a lasting mark on you like a trauma.

Choose the most interesting and challenging Mark among those suggested, take your time to think about it and to develop your story. When the time comes, you will write all down in your Survivor’s Journal.



A Doubt is a pressing existential dilemma which haunts your character; you must try to find a solution to the problem through actions and interactions in the community during the game.



Oppositions indicate the types of person you are at war with as regards your Issues (see below). Express yourself with people you disagree with, act out your differences, find a way to open up a debate, a confrontation, even a quarrel. After all it’s never easy to live shoulder to shoulder with some people…



An Issue is food for thought, a matter to ponder carefully and that gives your character depth and intensity. Issues are presented in the form of questions because they demand a reply which you’ll need to think about. You can’t answer NO to a question but you always must discuss by saying “YES AND… “ or “YES, BECAUSE…”

Examine the Inclinations you chose, try to find the reason why people always behave in a certain way, use the Issues to analyse your character’s mental process. Why did you become who you are? Your answer will have to be included in your Survivor’s Journal.


Be creative

Use your imagination! If, for example, an Issue asks you “Will you confess your secret to someone?”, it will be up to you to make up the secret (of course consistent and related to your character) and to choose the people to confide it to during the game. Although the Toolbox is an essential element able to help you outline the basic structure of your character, it’s just a starting point. It can’t replace your inventiveness and imagination. So arm yourself with creativity and try to fill in all the blank spaces as best as you can by following the instructions of the Toolbox.


Don’t be too rigid

The Toolbox options you select will affect profoundly the game and your experience at New Atlantis, so choose carefully your moves each step of the way. The options you select will have great influence on your character too, so respect and perform them as coherently as possible. Complete your daily Tasks, meditate on your Doubt, enact your Opposition and Mark, follow your Drive. Every time you can.

But don’t be rigid, during the game things may always change. Do you feel like your character has overcome its Opposition? Very good indeed, go ahead. Did you resolve one of your Issues? Great, well played. Don’t restrain your characters in a cage of duties and obligations but always let your interpretation flow even if you feel like you’re going a bit astray.


Send you choices

Take your time to read carefully all the Archetypes, Personalities and Inclinations. Don’t rush. Take time to consider thoroughly all the undertones you wish to bestow on your character and the type of game experience you wish to have. When you feel ready (before the 25, March), fill in the form and select your Archetype, Personality and Inclination!


Any doubts?

Should you have any doubts, please contact us or write to: