The characters

Every profound spirit needs a mask.
Friedrich Nietzsche


Players will be asked to put themselves in the shoes of survivors who, before the collapse, were part of a community born around the antagonist web radio Radio Atlantis. The radio acts like a magnet bringing characters together and making them close to each other in a moment of severe crisis.

More than just a network that questions the news released by the media, Radio Atlantis is a well-knit group of courageous activists committed to gather and spread important information about the water shortage emergency. The pervasive pre-game will narrate this part of the story: the struggle for truth of Radio Atlantis and its community while the world doesn’t seem to realise what’s going on. outside nobody seems to realise what’s going on.

Then the collapse. Your character will change, the many tests will make you different. The mark of the survival is permanent. How did you manage to stay alive? What were you forced to do? Who or what have you lost?

You will  become a survivor.



We will start playing the live part of the game three months after society as we know it has ceased to exist. In this relatively short span of time the situation has deteriorated drastically (how and why will be revealed during the pervasive game The Last Days). The few survivors are isolated, lonely and exhausted; the signs of the struggle must be visible in the look, clothing and lifestyle of your character. The clothes you wear are dirty, worn out and ripped. Taking care of your appearance is impossible or, at least, it’s not a priority. Beards and hair grow wildly, personal hygiene is neglected. The few objects you carry with you are small treasures you keep jealously. Often, your only travel companion is your backpack.

If you need someone to help you or a costume designer, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will find a solution!

If you have no clue about what a survivor outfit is, you can draw some inspiration from movies of the post-apocalyptic genre such as:

  • The Road
  • 28 Days Later
  • 28 Weeks Later
  • Children of Men
  • The Book of Eli



The pervasive pre-game follows the evolution of characters starting from their normal daily lives, before the disaster that changes everything. The characters may come from any walk of life and may have had any jobs before the downfall. There are no limits to the creation of your alter-ego: New Atlantis is designed to help you create the character that suits you best and that will offer you the gaming experience you’re looking for. It’s tailor-made. Before stepping into your character’s shoes, you will watch it change during the collapse of civilization.




We have developed a toolbox that will allow you to create your alter-ego through few simple steps. First you will be given some hints and suggestions to draw on, then, on the basis of these prompts, you will have full freedom in the shaping of the traits that will make your character unique. So, once all the options of the toolbox are selected, you’ll have a consistent outline of you character and its most important aspects.

What scars have marked you forever? Which of your life pillars collapsed and which are still standing? What are you secrets? What is your role in the community?




It’s very simple. Each player will have to make choices. Each choice has consequences that will define little by little who you are and what you do: this way you will lay the foundations of your own future gaming experience. This way, you will lay the foundations of your own experience. We will follow you step-by-step to help you create a character that fits you like a glove.

During the pervasive pre-game we will also work together on characters and their relations and by intertwining the different personal stories we will create the game context as a great collective narrative.