Date: from 28/04/―1/05/2017 (4 days)
Location: Santa Sofia (near Bologna, in the province of Forlì-Cesena), Italy
Keywords: post-apocalyptic, humanity, friendship, rebirth, survival.
Price: 180,00 € (food and accommodation included)
Language: English (official language), other languages may be used during the game.
Participants: 80
Experience: the game is open to all, even to those at their first experience.


Chaos League believes that every story has its own home, its own space. We found the place we were looking for in Emilia-Romagna, in the province of Forli-Cesena. A great wilderness area of forest and rivers, in a protected national park provided with facilities, roads and mountain tracks that stretch for kilometers, all this made available exclusively for the New Atlantis.


The game will last 4 days, from the morning of April, 28 to the early evening of May, 1 2017.


The event will cost € 180,00. Registration includes:

  • A profound and compelling story told in a new and exciting fashion.
  • A pervasive pre-live game of two weeks which will take place before the actual game and during which you will build background and relationships among survivors.
  • Food and accommodation.


Fill out the form to book your place at New Atlantis. Within November, 14 you will receive via email indications about payment and final registration. You may pay in two installments of € 90,00 each ( balance must be paid within January, 14 2017).

Payment can be made through:

  • Bank transfer
  • PayPal (just in case you have problems with the bank transfer)

Places are limited and registration will become effective only after payment. Full registration fee is not transferable or refundable but if you cancel your registration within two months before the start of the event, you will be refunded 50% of the share.

If you’ve already played New Atlantis, you CAN’T play it again, but can you give us a hand. Please contact us and organise with us!


This larp contains harsh scenes and treats adult topics. It is not suitable for sensitive people. Due to the extreme nature of the story and setting, participants may be asked to give up any kind of comforts. Sometimes you will have to work hard even for the basics.

Chaos League reserves the right to remove from the game whoever compromises the success of the event and spoils the fun of other participants.


  • comfortable and resistant shoes;
  • warm clothing (wool sweaters, etc.) as temperature may drop at night;
  • a raincoat or an umbrella;
  • costume of the character and (possibly) a change of clothes;
  • a sleeping bag;
  • a backpack (or anything convenient to get around) for everything you bring which doesn’t weigh too much, you’ll have to carry it! No other luggage;
  • a sandwich to eat before going into role;
  • anything that is not on the list of things not to bring (see below);

Always remember to be consistent with the image of the survivor!


  • water (or drinks of any kind);
  • food;
  • weapons;
  • power sources (batteries, solar panels, etc.);
  • maps of the area;
  • gps devices;
  • phones
  • any light source (except wax candles)


Other info

  • # Water: of course there will be water, yet not enough to squander or mishandle;
  • # Food: will be sufficient if handled with care;
  • # Accommodation: players will sleep in proper houses with proper beds, so bring bed sheets & blankets or, better, sleeping bags;
  • # Heating: will be provided by chimneys.
  • # Sanitation: toilets and bathrooms will be available during the game;
  • # Wear comfortable shoes;
  • # Wear warm clothes and jackets (temperatures will be about 4 – 15 C°);
  • # In case of emergency there’s an area where players can momentarily exit the game and more than 20 staff people to ask for help at any moment;
  • # Players who wish can choose more physically challenging roles;
  • # The closest town is 15 minutes drive away from the game location. Should you need anything important, just ask the organization team.
  • # Costume: see the following LINK
  • # You can drop your bags and luggage in an off-game area so to bring with you only what’s strictly necessary.



We are currently organizing transportation from Bologna airport and Bologna city centre to the place of the game on the early morning of April, 28. If you think you will need a lift please let us know by filling out this form.
We will be able to provide more information soon. The event is scheduled for April 28, 2017, at 11:30am. The collection point is at this address: Piazza Giacomo Matteotti, S. Sofia (FC). DO NOT arrive with your costume on.
WARNING: It is essential to be on time because it’s impossible to enter once the game has started. The game will end in the early evening of May 1, 2017.


Since the game will be played uninterruptedly, phones will be switched off so you won’t be available for calls or texts.  If you absolutely need to be available by phone, please contact us!


All the personal items you will be carrying with you but which are NOT on-role (i.e. that don’t belong to the character), such as ID cards, car keys, etc, must be put into a bag and/or a small box, marked with a clear X and placed inside the on-role baggage. The off-role bag and all the materials inside it DO NOT EXIST so they can’t be used, shown or exchanged. Phone and other personal communication devices MUST be SWITCHED OFF for the whole duration of the game.