The Last Days



The pervasive game The Last Days aims at defining characters, their relations, the way they were marked by the end of civilization, and, more generally, the game world. Who were you before the beginning of the end? What happened around you?

During the two weeks before the larp, in order to bond and create a tight-knit community, players will start sharing their characters’ personal information and experiences so to outline the game world they will inhabit. Together we will relive the last three months before the collapse trying to imagine how and why the world has been devastated.

The underlying goal is to shape a great collective narrative which makes the backgrounds of characters as profound and real as possible, by creating bonds which will influence the live game and help your interpretation.

We will communicate through the web and various media: writing, audio logs, video logs, pictures; each element will contribute to the creation of the background. Your story will reach you wherever you are and it will be up to you to support it or try to change it.

Everyone will witness the downfall of our civilization with their own emotions and hopes. Day by day, you will see your character grow and change as events reach their climax in front of your eyes.

New Atlantis is focused on the interpretation and on the emotional and psychological aspects of characters. How do you react before difficulties? How much are you willing to give? How much of what is left of your humanity are you willing to sacrifice to survive?




The pervasive game will be played on the website of Radio Atlantis, a network of activists who investigate the conditions of drinking water across the world. The characters who listen to and interact with the radio may range from supporters, committed activists, worried citizens, up to conspiracy theorists. While everyone will have their own special reason to become part of the community, the main objectives of Radio Atlantis are to investigate, cooperate, and share vital information.

By listening to the radio and contributing to its broadcast schedule, players will try to shed some light on what is really happening. Everyone will be a reporter of the end of the world from their characters’ point of view. Tell everyone else what is happening around you, to your family, in your neighbourhood, in your city. Compare your experiences with those of others from other parts of the world. Will you risk all you have to give a wake up call to the rest of the world before it’s too late? Or will you just worry about yourself?

Follow the evolution of the crisis in real time, day after day. Exchange views with the other Atlanteans and prepare your make your plans before it’s too late.

To play you must have a computer (or a tablet or a smartphone) and Internet access.