Larps can test our self-imposed boundaries,
can carry out an attack on our comfort zones.
They represent acts of negotiation
because they address and question our shortcomings;
they besiege our strongholds.
Southern Way / New Italian Larp Manifesto


New Atlantis is the international run of “Nuova Atlantide”, a highly successful larp produced by Chaos League in 2014. Just like its original Italian version, New Atlantis is designed according to the principles expressed in the Southern Way / New Italian Larp Manifesto.

A big-budget larp, New Atlantis features high-technology, vehicles, weapons, and a huge wild playground made entirely available for players for a whole new experience of heightened reality. New Atlantis is also a great example of shared narrative which unfolds in two connected moments: a pervasive pre-game (The Last Days), where participants create their characters, relations, and game context, and an actual fully immersive live action role-playing game.

You will play a vibrant part each step of the narrative and your character will make a difference at every stage.
Based on a final real-world water crisis and on the relationship between man and natural resources, New Atlantis tells an intimate story, one of dramatic desperation and human hope. A 360° degrees illusion inspired by the atmospheres of the novel The Road. A love letter to the post-apocalyptic genre.

A community rising from its ashes, men and women challenging their fate, one last hope for humanity.
Want to put yourself to the test? Will you survive the end of the world? Will you still be human?


Specific game design

Having a post-apocalyptic setting does not make New Atlantis a game for hard-core players only, in fact quite the opposite! New Atlantis was conceived and designed to grant access to a large variety of participants who will be able to choose the in-role experience they prefer. New Atlantis is a modular larp where each player can adopt a different approach to the apocalyptic world they are confronted with.

So no specific training or extraordinary physical endurance are required; our intent isn’t that of putting players through a tough physical experience but rather have fun together. New Atlantis isn’t designed for super hard gamers but for average individuals instead.

The game revolves in fact around the life of a community, it tells a very moving story of human feelings and hopes, a story of survival and rebirth.

The purpose of New Atlantis is building a community that can survive a catastrophe. So the entire game experience is about the characters’ aspirations and griefs, and also their ability to share their emotions with other survivors in order to start afresh.
The game and the setting are conceived and designed with great care to:

  • # Discourage physical conflict among players;
  • # Stimulate sympathetic response and mutual help;
  • # Manage resources and respect the rules of the new society;
  • # Discuss, debate, and put heads together to overcome problems and adversities;
  • # Examine in depth the psychological implications, the trauma processing and the strong themes proposed by the game;
  • # Carry out real manual labours and chores daily.



Play unsafely: Based on the concept of total immersion, New Atlantis will have no interruptions so to offer a true WYSIWYG experience.The game approach aims at sheer realism, without written regulation or safe words, therefore players will be guided only by their natural sensitivity and by the flow of narrative.

The shortage of water and food will be the main trigger of the game: players will have to toil to overcome difficulties and fulfil basic needs. Although the game deals with very intense themes and present hard-core situations, it can be essentially played by anyone as long as they’re willing to push themselves beyond their limits. Only so we can build together a story that leaves a mark.

No customers allowed: Larp is not cinema, neither is it theatre. It is not a show you can watch sitting comfortably on your chair. New Atlantis is specifically designed for proactive players who enjoy playing with others, who feed and nurture the game at any time. So interact with the other players, live your story. React to stimuli but above all create new ones.

Just Play: New Atlantis is neither a “play to win” nor a “play to lose” larp. All you have to do is play honestly. Live your character and be truthful to yourself. Let your emotions be your compass, just follow them without thinking about the outside world, put them into play with the other players. Become your character.

Playing as an art: We believe that larps are powerful tools, acts of shared artistic creation. In New Atlantis we explore issues which will affect the way we see the world. The power of the game will give us a chance to think upon some central topics: What makes us human? What does it mean to live in a community? How fragile is our world? Our ecosystem?

Here you can find the full version of the Southern Way / New Italian Larp Manifesto.