About us



New Atlantis is produced by Chaos League, a group of larp writers and game designers active for more than 20 years. Landmark of the Italian scene, Chaos League is composed by men and women with different jobs in the field of arts: actors, musicians, directors, pedagogues, writers, and screenwriters. Although consistent with our vision and personal interpretation of the game, we have never stopped putting ourselves to the test, always trying something challenging and new. Something profound and visionary to be shared and protected.

We recently published our Manifesto — “Southern Way / New Italian Larp” — which received large acclaim among Italian game designers and opened up new spaces for debate in the  international scene too.

Our larps offer settings and stories always different, accurate selection of the narrative, and dedicated attention to details and game props. Thorough our events we aim at exploring boundaries and possibilities of both interpretation and identification.

We are the authors of 1 6 3 0, Black Friday (in collaboration with other gaming societies), The Legend of Percival, Nuova Atlantide and many more. Take a look at our website, you’ll find pictures of our events, reviews and articles about game theory and history. Enjoy!



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